Word Filter Clarification - RULE

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This is just to clarify that evading the word filter will result in a moderator letting you know to stop doing that in either a quoted post or a PM.

The next offense will result in a 1 point infraction.

The third offense will result in a 3 point infraction which is automatic RRP.

Attached is an image of the current word filters. With exception to the bottom two they are not optional. You may type any of them out as you see them in here and the word filter will do your moderation for you. If you purposely write a word out in a way which defeats this list (which is easy to do) you are in violation.

Word filter 022120.jpg

What is not visible on the list is 3 parentheses around any phrase. Evasion of this will be just as harsh as the above list. Be it triple quotes, brackets, curly braces, tildes, or some other kind of up comma.
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