Zanki Zero: Last Beginning


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110d 11h 5m
This looks like it would be fun if I was like 10.

It's like an oldschool Eye of the Beholder style first person dungeon crawler RPG mixed with a survival game and also weebed up to 11.9 out of 10? (It loses .1 because I don't think there's tentacle rape but there might be so maybe a 12/10.)


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61d 17h 37m
no. there is a bunch of Japanese dungeon crawlers actually. none of the ones I've tried, I would recommend.

a streamer I watch sometimes, did a series on this. I was not impressed with what I saw, so didnt play, or even watch his whole set.
(vid 1 is ps4 demo, but then he swaps to PC full game after.)


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Not sure what the weird reaction to asking about this is about. It's a dungeon crawler marketed to fans of Danganronpa--a niche series, sure, but still a rather popular one.

Only reasons I never bought it were that everything I read about it said you'll probably like the story if you're a fan of Danganronpa 1/2/3 (and I am) but the dungeon crawler part of it is just terrible if you're also a fan of Etrian Odyssey, Demon Gaze, Dungeon Travelers 2, Mary Skelter, etc., plus it's a game I just don't see myself playing on anything but a portable and they didn't bring the Vita version west or bother with a Switch port. The stamina and death/rebirth mechanic sounds like it's super tedious when combined with rather lame puzzles which require huge amounts of backtracking.
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84d 9h 20m
I was just drunk as hell on a bottle of Sailor Jerry last night and thought Hateyou's response was hilarious. Not that there's anything wrong with Aladain ;)