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    Robyn Hood

    I'm sure they're already working on a new storm movie with a white dude in the title role. A sister act reboot with a white dude hiding in a monastary. The Hattie Mcdaniel Story starring ryan gosling. And lets not forget the Reese witherspoon remake of dolemite. I knew this was going to...
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    You know you're getting old when.....

    To be honest I'm surprised toys from the 90's are still in good enough shape to play with. Shit started taking a sharp downward turn right about then.
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    The Orville

    If you mean the cute helmsman/engineering prodigy who has a perpetual bad attitude and can do 4 dimensional math .... that wasn't the last episode. I think you have 2 more to go. I can't think of anyone they killed off in the last ep.
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    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    i got ya boo. I can't believe we give onoes so much shit when tarrant went through multiple divorces right here in this very thread. Does he hold the thread record?
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    Weight Loss Thread

    I'm more than happy to teach you how to shit properly. But it doesn't belong in this thread.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    When I ask someone a question and they give an in depth answer to a question I didn't ask and don't even give a fuck about.
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    Weight Loss Thread

    Jesus Christ you fucking people keep answering questions I didn't ask. You made me do my own fucking research and for that, fuck you. I was all ready thank you for teaching me something new, but now you get a hearty fuck you. :emoji_middle_finger: and :emoji_middle_finger: The simple...
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    Weight Loss Thread

    Does that apply to how foods are labeled? The one you posted earlier had 37 grams of total carbs and 4 grams of fiber. Are you just being pedantic because I didn't spell out carbs? If so, fuck off. Please don't answer. I'll wait for sanrith. I thought I had a eureka moment when it dawned...
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    Weight Loss Thread Here ya go.
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    Weight Loss Thread

    OK it sounds like your going in circles. I think you just backtracked on the last answer. It sounds like you are now saying it is not possible to have more fiber than carbs. Yet when I just asked that you said for our purposes it is possible. Were you thinking net? I know I didn't say total...
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    Weight Loss Thread

    Thanks for your solid contribution in the grown up section bro.
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    Weight Loss Thread

    OK then you could get a food with 5g of carbs, 10g of fiber and then add 5g of carbs through a sugar coating and you're saying that would be like eating no carbs. Sounds like bullshit.
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    Weight Loss Thread

    Wait a minute, are you saying all fiber is carbs? As in, there's no way to eat 100g of fiber without also eating at least 100g of carbs?
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    Weight Loss Thread

    I know where the thing is he's talking about but that doesn't answer my question.
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    Archery - As a Hobby

    As weak as his bows are he might be able to do that, but I was taught it's bad on your bow. The load on the limbs is uneven. With a stringer the load is even and being applied exactly how the bow was designed. Besides the uneven loading, you're also going to side load and twist the limbs...