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    IT/Software career thread: Invert binary trees for dollars.

    Add to this they want to sunset Jira on-prem so nothing new is gonna get added or fixed. It's why so many bugs still exist on-prem vs cloud.
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    The Red Letter Media Appreciation Thread

    Another Neil Breen classic makes this gain a few points.
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    The Red Letter Media Appreciation Thread

    And it's online
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    Poll What Size of Community Do You Live In?

    Almost identical to me but that was in Missouri. The places still exist.
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    Changing it to Mist sparks joy.
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    Nice touch on the boozecube.
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    Let's see which ones you didn't get. Faggot, Cunt, Fuckers, Fucker, Fucking, Fuck, Pussy, Chink, Ass, Asshole, Fuckface, Dickhead, Gag, Faulty Armor, Shit heel, Dammit, Damnit, Damn, Bitch, cockwhore, cock
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    Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)!
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    Blood Bowl

    Fuck, it's been almost a decade since we were playing that shit? I think it has the most hours of any steam game I have. I had a few games like Gavin where the statistics and probability gods bent me over a table.
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    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    Well now you have to ask for condiments or you don't get them. Maybe they are applying that to straws, napkins, etc... For environmental friendly reasons /sarcasm
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    Run Hide Fight (2020)

    I mean it's worth it for the death of a certain someone if you haven't seen it before.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Essentially, there was some chatter to get in before noon est yesterday and that seems to be when it started to balloon to .08. I threw my meme money at it since I couldn't get into anything else since I'm waiting on approvals for other accounts. Sad because I have 6 accounts and all did the...
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    Investing General Discussion

    That message popped up and it took awhile for it to go through. Since I couldn't get out of my $1000 bucks I just dumped it in doge throughout the day.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Was at 1star back up to 2.5 now. My one star review is still there.
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    Investing General Discussion

    341 likes... I refuse to believe.