2018 Asshat has been chosen!


<Donors Crew>
24d 19h 28m
Okay, folks. There are many Asshats here. One of the contestants was even banned during the competition! While we all have our favourite Asshats, only one can be chief Asshat:

Here are the results from the final round of voting:

Picasso3 13 vs Xequecal 39

Xequecal is the clear winner!!!! Congrats on a well earned victory!

Pursuant to the rules, you will have the user title of Asshat for at least one month, and will have this avatar for one month:

Amod Amod please make it so.

Let the celebration begin!

Archmage Lightning Lord Rule

Lightning Fast
<Charitable Administrator>
58d 15h 2m
It is done!

Xequecal Xequecal is fully rewarded for winning this long and hard-fought contest!
His 3 rewards are:
  • A shiny new avatar, as voted by the user base
  • A shiny new medal, awarded by me. I used that other image from the avatar thread, since it's somewhat medal-ish.
  • A shiny new rank title prefix denoting his status. SURPRISE!