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<Prior Amod>
Title says it all.

I need advice on how to summon women into my now slice (current space-time) for fun times.

Some ideas on how to summon:
ouija board
saying some specific key words to ‘invite’

This is not a joke, I am fielding comments and other suggestions on how to summon. Particularly to my apartment. I am a fuckbot, and being in the matrix sucks
@Lithose I think the immigration problem is simply a manufactured one, as an escape goat to the loss of jobs and industry.
Joke's on you, I don't have friends.
Bandwagon you have my address. The thought I would give away anyyhing that included any sex tits disgusts me.

I think we need to start an annual "Best forum quote" or "Best Zinger" competition.


<WoW Guild Officer>
Jasker Jasker you might as well just copy all of your forum posts into this thread. The only other person that makes me cry from laughing is Tyen, and he can only do that when he teams up with swamp donkey.

why would my own posts be my favorite posts, read your own title! It'd be like a comedian laughing at his own jokes.

also im glad I entertain you, at least im some fucking use in this simulation


<Prior Amod>
Jasker has a monopoly on my thread. Someone track down Millie, unban Tyen or resurrect Wooly plz.

Also @Vanessa told me she kinda felt bad so she’s visiting me in a few weeks. I have a spare room and she said she wouldn’t sleep with me but there could be some action happening there.
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Space Command
<Medals Crew>
73d 6h 12m
I like this thread idea. But can we have some quality? I've shot whiskey out my nose many times over the years from reading these forums. Find some good ones.
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