Aquaman (2018)


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'The Upside' is #1 at the Weekend Box Office While 'Aquaman' Tops $1 Billion Worldwide - Box Office Mojo

Outperforming expectations, STXFilms's The Upside debuted atop the weekend box office, upsetting Aquaman's bid for a fourth straight weekend at #1. That said, Aquaman isn't exactly focused on its runner-up position domestically as the film is now the first in the DC Extended Universe to top $1 billion at the global box office. As for the rest of the week's new wide releases
In second is Aquaman, which may have relinquished the #1 slot at the weekend box office to begin its fourth week in release, but Warner Bros. is unlikely to be too upset as the film added an estimated $17.26 million domestically and another $27.9 million internationally for a global cume that now stands at $1.02 billion. Domestically the film has grossed $287.8 million while China remains its top foreign market with $287.3 million. The film will open in Japan, the last market where the film has yet to debut, on February 8. Aquaman is the first film in the DC Extended Universe to top $1 billion globally and it ranks as the second largest among DC Comics adaptations behind only The Dark Knight Rises ($1.0849 billion).


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Im not sure if you are serious here.

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What kind of chair did they use in the movie? This is the kind of diversity I care about!

On another note, sounds like this movie was just trying to be an entertaining movie instead of being about empowering, diversifying, celebrating, or making aware of. Might watch it on a streaming service or take the time to pirate it if not.


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9d 16h 8m
What sites are good for downloading Nzb files? I used to use Nzbplanet but it seems like the movies are getting more and more blocked as of the turn of the new year. Maybe the days of free downloading are slowly coming to a subscription end.


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Lol. Piracy has been going on for a thousand years and there is no sign of it ever stopping. There will always be a workaround
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Better than I expected it would be. Not great, but it kept my attention throughout, and I'm not going to nitpick. Besides, they did the "sonar circles" from old-school Aquaman talking to fish! Clearly they understood how to poke fun and still do a decent job of being semi-serious.

I doubt I'll purposely rewatch it anytime soon, but it wasn't bad.


Tranny Chaser
Fun movie. First bit is really weak, but it picks up once Atlantis comes into it. It felt more like a comic book movie than any others, Imo. Just the right amount of sillyness mixed with over-the-top action.

a c i d.f l y

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Enjoyed it much better the second time when I realized it was just a ridiculous movie and took it for what it was. All the lines are silly, the plot is absurd and tropey, narration - so much narration - dare I say like a comic book, cartoonistic but crisp Dolby Atmos sound effects, especially when one Lance hit another, you could almost visualize the 60's Batman screen flash, *PRANG*... villain's that were so stupidly sinister that you can't really take them seriously but somehow well acted in that style, it's also "artistic" how everyone seems to be made out of CGI like they're psuedoreal animations, and the absolute monstrous scale of the final battle. You haven't seen that many things on the screen at once in a Star Wars space battle.

The movie doesn't take itself seriously in just the right amount.

I'm also not saying it's a good movie. It's also not a bad movie. 3.5/5.

I'd watch it again just because it's so goddamn visually appealing in 4K HDR. First 4K UHD disc I've gotten with legit, very heavily and effectively utilized HDR.
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Finally watched this.

It was a delightful campy thing. I loved it. Everything about it is completely absurd and I love all the cool underwater visuals. Ocean Master's outfit looks way better than the silly gold thing Aquaman wears.
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3d 15h 13m
Same here. Did anybody else feel like this was a sequel to Avatar? I think Avatar 2 or 3 is going to be set underwater. I wonder what James Cameron thought when he watched this movie? Besides underwater Avatar, he was also the director for an alternate universe Aquaman starring Adrian Grenier.
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Fuck, why didn’t I go see this in iMax? This movie was cool as fuck. It was so over the top and ridiculous and it was awesome. Yeah, lots of cheesy conversations, but movie didn’t take itself seriously and it worked fine. Some of the shots in this are just fucking gorgeous. The costumes were very cool, the shot of them going down the trench with the flare was crazy as shit, the scene with Black Manta waiting on the ship under the stars was goddamn pretty. Fun fucking movie.
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15d 21h 40m
The movie was defintiely worth seeing in theaters for the eye candy. You missed out man.

Watching on my 65 inch UHD TV was not the same as in theaters.