Golden Baronet of the Realm
121d 23h 5m
To be honest the show should have been nominated for way more. It was easily the best show that year, and I agree Netflix shouldn't get credit for anything
its because its animated. they refuse to give animation the same credits.
Like stranger things, "outstanding drama series". "outstanding music supervision"

not only should Arcane be in oustanding drama series. it should have gotten nods for drama directing, writing and probably acting.
Should have gotten a casting for drama series nod.

hell with "live action" being 90% cgi, etc... should probably even get cinematography nods. half the shots are composites.

arcane didnt even get a nod for "voice over performance" which is insane.
archer, big mouth, what if? got 2 nods, moon knight, bridgerton, and central park. what the fuck?

arcane only got nods for things that were SPECIFICALLY for animation. as in, they couldn't give it to anything but an animated program.


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
65d 22h 34m
Arcane wasnt woke af - I dont know what you guys were thinking would happen.