Ascent: Infinite Realm


Space Pirate
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86d 3h 19m
I signed up because they sent me an email about it and I have a BDO account, rather than genuine interest in the game.

Maybe I'll get a month out of it like some Asian based mmo.

I'm actually looking for Swords of Legends Online a bit more as far as Asian mmo being released soon. Can pre-order on their site and Steam. I haven't yet, waiting for more info about it.

Still I haven't played a MMO since the last FF14 expansion which I played for 6-9 months before taking a break, so anything looks good at this point. :)


Silver Knight of the Realm
8d 10h 48m
Saw a bunch of negativity about Swords of Legends from people who watched a stream or something.


Bearded Ape
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76d 16h 6m
That looks like an Asian MMO
It's actually chinese, which is a relative rarity (most of the asian MMO out there are Korean or Japanese, it's rare that a chinese game gets released out of the Great Firewall confines).