Asshat 2018 FINAL VOTING ROUND!!!!


<Medals Crew>
33d 15h 8m
The rules remain the same. Voting will be open for 2 days. Winner moves on to the final AssHat vote. In the event of a tie, there will be a brief re-vote of the pair in question open to the public. That brief re-vote will last a couple hours. Deal with it.

This round is open for about 2 days, and will close on Friday. This is it, people. The vote for all the asshat marbles!

Updated brackets:

round 6.jpg

Piccaso3 vs Xequecal


Archmage Lightning Lord Rule

Lightning Fast
<Charitable Administrator>
82d 8h 46m
Xequecal vs Picasso3 -Here it is folks, for all the marbles and both cheeks. A year in the making, this can only go to the most dedicated humorless NPC on the forum. As Zapatta Zapatta has said, I detected this NPC-ness almost a year ago, and outlined it here in this flowchart (reposted for those who haven't seen it):

Xeq flow chart 1.jpg

Picasso might make some stupid posts now and then and his Potato3 nom-de-retard is well earned, but Xeq is here almost every day, grinding, punching that clock, making sure he can submit his timecard to shareblue, moveon, and huffpo so he can afford pumpkin spice soy latte's every month.

It's been a long and grueling contest with many lulz had and with Tyen rightfully coming close but losing because fuck him.

In the end though, there can be only one.