Asshat 2018 FINAL VOTING ROUND!!!!


Chairman Meow
38d 15h 13m
I got knocked out by Itzena and then by Xequecal?

These brackets are fucking rigged.
Maul beat me.

I mean wtf mate. wtf.

And I'm going with Xeq. I was undecided. But the flow chart pushes it over the edge.

I kind of want to vote picasso3 just so that he can be asshat amod.

Dammit now I'm not sure.

We have any old black women to do my voting for me around here?
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Silver Baronet of the Realm
3d 3h 45m

Quality over quantity. Also I assume one-off retard accounts that sound like him ARE him.
With you and chuk concurring on the same intelligence i think it's obviously time to do some banning of my alt retard accounts, which I would do, if i were elected.
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