Beer Brewing Thread


Molten Core Raider
1d 12h 19m
Full grain is the way to go! way more control over color, flavor, etc. The above photo is a 5 gallon bucket with ~24lbs of grain for a 5 gallon batch of stout.


Not Woke
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94d 11h 15m
Getting ready to keg a batch of Duchesse de Bourgogne clone from northern brewer, my first sour. I normally do two batches back to back when I get out all my brewing stuff and clean it, but I got lazy this time. Probably a doubly bad call because I don’t see this beer as something my friends and I will pound down in a session or two. The smell and color seem pretty close to the real deal, so I’m fascinated to see how it tastes.


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16d 14h 29m
A buddy of mine was downsizing and gave me two 5 gallon carboys, tubing, blow off valves, and a bottle of starsan.... 2 years ago :D

My initial idea was to make a single vessel 'cider' with apple juice, maple syrup, and LP5xx. Just never got to it.