Best Sports Game of All Time

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This is the correct answer because of Bo Jackson, the most OP character in any game ever.

Wrong! Dion Sanders was the most OP character ever. At least you could dive at Bo to tackle him. ANYTHING near Dion was a pick. But definitely Super Techmo. Hell we had a room in my college days named the Techmo room. Floor model TV. Couch and SNES.
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If someone hasn't said NBA Live '95 then you are all misinformed. Tim Hardaway's UTEP 2-Step was good for like 40 points a game. Even player controlled opponents couldn't block it.

Shoutout to 2nd place Ken Griffey Jr's All Star Baseball on SNES. Best baseball game ever (not named Base Wars).


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I’m not really what I would consider a sports gamer or really even a sports fan but it is surprising how many of these games I played growing up. Some good stuff linked here.

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Some of these games being mentioned barely qualify as "sports."

Another contender for best sports game I just remembered is WCW vs nWo World Tour on N64.

Who would have ever guessed that a forum created for MMORPG nerds has a loose definition of sports.
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This game was awesome too. You could select power ups for your pitchers like throwing a ball that turned into a leaf or split into 3. Batters could hit missiles that would carry whoever tried to catch it all the way to the wall.

I mentioned that game! Still one of my favorites. I logged a lot of hours in Tiger Woods Golf as well. And since we're doing a loose interpretation of the word "sport," I'd have to say Mario Kart is by far #1.

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NBA Live 95 was the first game in the NBA Live series and introduced 3/4 isometric court perspective, but NBA Live 96 took that and added additional camera angles, create-a-player, create-a-team, free agent pool, etc. You could play games/seasons as a player, as a GM, as a coach, etc. No other sports game had that before.

NHL Stanley Cup was the first sports game that had Mode 7 (3D) while actually being good. NCAA Basketball had it first but was just a really shitty game. It didnt have real player names because EA had the NHLPA licenses for its NHL series, but it had all real jersey numbers so you played it with a sports almanac to memorize players to jersey numbers
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Eh idk. I put way more time into Everquest.

I remember a couple years ago swinging out to visit a highschool friend who had moved out to the swamps of Louisiana. He had little signs set up that named the crayfish in his yard, a chicken coup in front of his house, and a room where he had a few n64s setup all ready to go for goldeneye. He wanted to play goldeneye and fucking destroyed me without me even getting a hit in on him.

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