Bill Burr VS Louis CK


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21h 12m
i can't stand that tom segura fag

mainly cuz when he goes on JRE he brings his horrible wife on and it's insufferable
Lmao just watch his standup. I find it pretty fuckin hilarious.

But yeah, his wife sucks. Women just aren't funny.


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96d 13h 41m
Segura is entertaining on stage. Your mom's house though... I don't get it. I really dont, and there's a lot of mean spirited shit passed off as jokes. Not that that is offensive, it's just not funny. It is a kind of comedy though.

Kinda like maron. I don't want to listen to him preach, but he's got real skill in crafting an act. No shit, segura is good at it. So is maron.


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132d 23h 19m
Christina P is funny enough to watch her special once. Nice to look at too, which counts for something, idk. I've yet to have a female comic where I wanted to watch her standup again, though.


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96d 13h 41m
Silverman. I don't care for her personality, or anything she does which is not specifically a comedy show with her as the only writer.
But she writes actual funny stories. She's a good writer.

About the only one I can think of.
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She had a joke from her routine 'Jesus is Magic' that was legitimately hilarious.

Let's see if I can do it justice on FoH, from memory and from my phone:

"People always think I'm racist but it's not racism it"s just jokes.

One time an older Mexican woman approached me after a set to explain to me that 'Not all Mexicans are dirty.'

It was heartbreaking. I felt really bad for her. I had to explain it all to her.

But it is so hard to describe to someone that 'you can't smell yourself'."


Another one she had from that same set:

"So I was sucking jelly off my boyfriend's cock and it suddenly dawned on me.... 'Oh my God I'm becoming my mother..."


Then she caught the plague and now her brain has been liqufied and she hasn't said a single funny thing in like 8 years.
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35d 14h 50m
Lots of Louis CK dates posted

Went to his show last night and it was great. Small venue (about 250?)

You know it's gonna be good when his opening line is "So how's everyone's past couple years been? "