Epic Seven


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23d 19h 23m
I still play daily. Not sure when you stopped but there have been a lot of QoL improvements. They've increased abyss to level 110 so there's new pve content. PvP doesn't have a lot of rewards associated with it but RTA can be fun if you like PvP. Gold is still a tough resource but gear is a bit easier now with crafting. I still very much longer this game. Has kept my interest longer than any other gacha game.
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2d 10h 41m
Anyone from the old epic 7 FOH guild have mathmatics contact information ? My wife bought his account a year and a half ago and went to log in and password is changed.

Sign we shouldn't start playing again I guess :) any other recent games out or coming out similar to E7? Really looking for one with some decent co-op but not an action based one. Assuming we can't get her account back.