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I know at one time someone in the in game channel FoH was a member of Karma Fleet. I've always been a care bear and lived in a wh a fair amount of the time with a static to null to allow exploration in null.

Anyway in the past I care beared because I didn't have time to devote and at times need to "go" in a hurry. I'm over that now and have a lot of time to play and would need some group to help me transistion to pvp and such.

Possible for that person to get me a heads up to KF since I don't think they are accepting applications right now due to the changes with looking up characters and such?

A lot of times would simply be a quick login to check on skills, which are now at 70m all in subcaps as I had no reason to skill into caps alone in a wh.


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I am probably that KF person! Sorry for the delayed response i been super busy IRL.


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Everytime I see a post in this thread (Or it gets bumped) I think something amazingly hilarious and epic is about to happen and it's been two years since the last melt down so time to read...


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There's an article on Kotaku about the destruction of that wormhole Keepstar that most of everyone thought couldn't be destroyed (never give a challenge to a bunch of EvE players).


Executive summary: They spent a year infiltrating enough spaceship parts in the wormhole system to assemble locally a fleet capable to downing it within the limitations of wormhole travels.