Everquest FanFaire + FireCon 2020

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96d 17h 15m
Are you a hopeless Everquest fanatic? Are you a long or short time member of the Fires of Heaven forums or guild? Have you always wanted to get together with people from these 2 illustrious groups?!?
Well then read on!

Holly Holly from Daybreak Games has kindly asked us to get the word out about an event coming up next summer. What they have in mind is a 3 day event to draw in fans of EQ and EQII. What we're also going to do is schedule FireCon to overlap with this event for whichever place and time that DBG works out for this and run the 2 events together.

Please take the time to fill out this 3 question survey so that they can get a sense of how many people are interested and where you think the best place to hold the event would be.

FireCon has always been organized by suineg suineg in the past, so if there's some questions you might have regarding events that might be above and beyond what the DBG devs have planned I'm sure you can work them out with Suineg here in this thread.

Now if only Holly had a catchphrase as good as "This is gonna rock!" that I could end this post with...
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31d 14h 3m
Early Summer is tough lots of Birthdays, Graduation etc so really it is a maybe depending on the weekend. Besides that I am there if it is Vegas, but a hard no if it is anywhere else.
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38d 4h 58m
Yeah this is 2020 and we will skip 2019 to hopefully get more people there.

Those of you completely uninterested in the Everquest portion feel free to vote if you want to come to FireCon.
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Trakanon Raider
11d 1h 11m
Voted for San Diego but Vegas would be super convenient as well.

On a somewhat related note I finished reading “the Fires of Heaven” today. Off my nerd bucket list!
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Lord Nagafen Raider
1d 8m
When I went to Fan Faire 2010 when my plane landed I remember the flight attendants saying it was 110 degrees.
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Hard truths cut both ways
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32d 10h 55m
Can someone buy Tiggles ticket since he's homeless, and also ensure Mist is there? I'll get their hotel room.

PS: I voted for Austin location. If its not in Austin/Dallas/Texas general area, I probably won't make it. I'd still get Mist and Tiggles hotel room together though!


Booty Hunter
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14d 15h 11m
Man if it were in Austin there would be a remote chance of me going hah.