FFG Star Wars Destiny, CCG with Dice.


Blackwing Lair Raider
16d 15h 54m
All the stores around here got stuff about two weeks ago. Rumor is there will not be another reprint of this set.


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
99d 16h 5m
Heh, Star Wars Destiny EuroChamps won by someone who started playing the game 4 days before EuroChamps

That... does not say particularly glowing things about gameplay/level of competition


Molten Core Raider
2d 8h 46m
Plenty of Spirit of Rebellion in stock all over the place now. Awakenings is supposed to have a reprint this month or next. We have a good community here that gave me almost all the uncommons/commons that I didn't have because I started late. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to trade with anyone because they all just want Force Speed and basically nothing else. I had an extra Palpatine and nobody even tried to trade with me for 2 weeks, so I sold it to a local store to get a Force Lightning and a couple other cards I needed.

I don't know if I'm in love with the tournament scene...I've done 2 and went 2-2 with ePalp in both. It's fun playing casually with a friend and just throwing stuff together to see what sticks. Palp is fun to play and play against...I haven't had to go against Poe/Maz yet, which I hear is boring for both parties.


<Bronze Donator>
111d 7h 46m
Well I finally got cards and this game is pretty damn cool. I pulled palpatine and force lightning and that shit is fun to play. I really like playing the blue decks to mess with others dice. Shit just makes me laugh. Is there any way to just get the dice or do I have to pull another palpatine to have 2 dice for him?