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32d 14h 49m
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103d 11h 50m
G/f and I went Kayaking on some lake in Kentucky that had walls on both sides of it that looked like that. We're doing a double Upper Gauley Rapids trip in about a month. Im going to regret not being a fit person every single 10 foot drop. Out of all of it though, these trips remind me how pretty the US is.

Double Upper, nice. That’s gonna be a long day, but will be some epic white water. FonderJarl FonderJarl and I are heading to WV tomorrow to do a couple of “Best Run of the Day” trips with Adventures on the Gorge. Hoping we get the Gauley but we could wind up on the New. Heading back in the fall for a reverse Gauley, lower first day and upper second day.

This is us taking a big hit on the second drop of Lost Paddle last year. The other one is me washing off of the Volkswagon rock after falling out of the raft at the top of the Pillow Rock rapid.


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