Getting an organic listing on google

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  1. NMTS_foh shitlord

    Jul 30, 2016
    They really have no way of proving whether something is paid. They have a frustrating algorithm that cycles reviews, and filters out new users and inactive users. I will log on yelp at least once a month and review something, share, like, just to keep it active so my reviews stick.

    Here"s some red flags to avoid
    • New users whose first few reviews include a business that has never been reviewed
    • A review of your own business
    • A significant amount of reviews at any given time
    • Having substantially more reviews than competitors in the same category, I think this is for reviews under a certain review quantity threshold.
    • Having inactive users suddenly log in and review a business with little reviews.
    • Rating everything 5 stars
    • Users who have not completed most of their profile, have friends, and only access a few functions of the site
    • Businesses who have reviews and haven"t completed their profile
    • Conflicting reviews from the same IP address (logging on friends accounts)
    The truth is that most businesses with low volume or commercial clients will have a very hard time getting reviews, but they still get them whether its friends, family, or paid.. all you can do is try to keep up and compete.