Girls who broke your heart thread


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Or some combination of you just got tired of being the UN of fucking and are reassessing some things and you made a big change moving back to the deep south and are reorienting and rethinking. Or the whitebread bitch bothered you more than you thought at first -- and after some emotional and physical distance now you"re starting to process exactly how much you fucking hated her.

I had a girlfriend like that. I didn"t realize how much I despised that woman until about a year after we broke up. Shit"s weird sometimes. You can get invested in a person and lose objectivity.

Which would also look like being depressed. Depressed is a small word that covers a lot of ground. Prolly just depressed.


Depending on how much you cared for the girl you broke up with and the relationship, and whether or not you mourned / dealt with the breakup at the time, you"re probably doing that now. Depression is a part of that process. It will pass in time. Follow all the advice in here on how to get through a break up (minus all the sleeping around since you already did that) and you"ll be fine.


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Moving is actually one of the leading causes of depression according to my years of training as an internet psychologist.

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Wrathcaster said:
that other bitch was a pale blonde, white in the most classic of white girl ways.

a few later, even though i hated her i knew i needed to distance i decided to date the darkest of the dark, i banged for a good while a haitian girl that wouldn"t show up with the lights off. after that was over, i had a thing with indians for a while, which was fun for a time. one last with a chick from ecuador, and then i was done.

since then i moved back to deep, deep south, my old hometown and surrounding areas now composed seemingly entirely of 50% (welfare-level ghetto boos)/(45% mostly superconserv-wives in waiting) and 5% illegal alien married ladies.

For some odd reason, I"ve completely lost my sex drive. And no, I"m not just being sarcastic or commenting on the above paragraph. The 45% isn"t totally composed of church-addicted baby makers, but I couldn"t be bothered were there to be two dozen diamonds among them.

I can remember a time, just scant months ago, where I still flirted with women, even ladies I had no intention of pursuing, if only for the fun of it.

Now the thought of trying sickens me, and all I want to do is sleep early so I"m not tired when I wake for work. But at night, every night for some time now I have these fucked up dreams about a chick who treated me awful, who I gladly nixed from my life and cut from every form of media and contact, and I don"t know how to account...

But I feel I"ve been blinded by something, which is why I ask. I"m so tired now these days, and my family is too sympathetic for me to stomach, so I ask you guys;.
Get out of the house, hang with friends, meet some new tail. Everyone slumps sometimes.


That"s only slightly less depressing than stopping by for Eomer updates and being rewarded.

I may just be strange, but I always wanted the rabbit to beat the fuck out of those asshole kids and take his Trix back.


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Araysar said:
stopped by for Eomer updates, left disappointed.
I"m sorry for leaving my people disappointed! Generally I only post if I"m looking for opinions/advice or organizing my thoughts. Haven"t really needed any of that. When we texted about going to the Metric/Stars concert last weekend, I said I"d still be up for hanging out last Tuesday. She suggested she"d come over Monday instead, as she was back in town from visiting family and wanted to see me. So she came over, we watched Ted, had a nice little evening, and she stayed over. Hence this post, which only numbers seemed to figure out:

Then we saw the concert on Thursday, again had a good time, and again she stayed over at my place. Friday I went to her new place that she"s just getting settled in to, and had dinner with the mutual friends that had introduced us, and a couple other people. She again stayed over at my place after, as we live about 10 blocks apart and she"s been sleeping on a thermarest for lack of a proper bed until the day before yesterday. Had brunch on Saturday, because bitches love brunch. She came over again on Monday.

She digs me, I dig her. We"ll see if it lasts, though. She was only a few weeks to a month removed from a long term relationship when we met, hence the new apartment etc. So there"s some rather large alarm bells there. She"s fairly young at 24, almost 25. She"s not actually in her master"s program yet, I misunderstood. She"s doing clinical work at the university part time along with waitressing, and applying to a bunch of master"s programs. So there"s a good chance she"s moving away for school come next fall.

But I"m setting that shit aside and just having a good time with her for the time being.


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12d 23h 53m
Eomer said:
But I"m setting that shit aside and just having a good time with her for the time being.
Yeah sounds good. Enjoy the ride and see where it takes you.