Greedfall -- Colonizers vs Magic Injuns


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Now I love me some alternate history stuff. I'm all for the Dreadlands, Crimson Skies, Earthdawn, Temeraire, FrostPunk, Scythe, etc. and so something of this nature is instantly compelling for me. That having been said I can't help but feel this is going to be writ large as 'evil white men doing white man things until stopped by heroic natives'


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what a useless video. Doesn't even begin to tell you what kind of game it is. That e3 trailer. I had no idea if this was an rpg, civ game, rts, action rpg, etc. no idea..

this interview is more helpful.

RPG. not class based. not sure if first person or 3rd person. Also not clear how much character creation there is.
Multiple endings. not good/bad endings.

Semi open world. camps, with fast travel.
Focus on narrative, and diplomacy.

Seems like the Witcher.
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