I lost my pet today and I’m really sad


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39d 13h 21m
Welp, boys, yesterday I lost my second family dog of 12 years, the first of which left us last May. This one was a husky/german shepherd cross of some sort, my ex-wife's best friend of her life.

And, in a massive cosmic twist of cruelty, it happened during my boy's birthday. Dropped dead of a probable heart attack, thankfully outside. The ex was with him as he passed.

Man, it's never easy, to say the least, but this was brutal. I got my boy through it all, we ended up crying and then laughing at some of this dog's best past retarded exploits, but my ex is almost inconsolable. Her boyfriend is going to have a hard time with her for the next week or so, whooeee.

I will miss you two.


I'm not crying, you are cryi.....yeah I am totally crying.