John Wick: Chapter 3 (2019)

Gamma Rays

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And that's what makes one of those teaser posters so good.

The one where he is literally outside The Continental in the rain.


Lord Nagafen Raider
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I watched JW2 last night and it was just off a bit. Every fight was about 15% too long. Maybe even a little more. Like they didn't have much of a movie so they said "shit, kill about 35 more guys in this scene, that will stretch it out.

The bullet proof suit is a point of contention to some, but i think it was there to get away from the "good guy kills 100 men, 100 men miss every bullet" issue, so he can actually get shot and not put down. Then again he gets shot in the abdomen and mostly blows it off until the Rat King bandages him up. Based on the shots that did that, he should have been shredded unless the bullet proof extended to the shirts which makes no sense because it was woven into the suit.

Anyhoo - the movie was just meh. And I don't get how every one word line Keanu gives is overemphasized all of a sudden: pause.......deliberate, enunciated word, pause......... Didn't notice it in 1, but was way overdone in 2.

Review derail off. Looking forward to 3.