John Wick: Chapter 3 (2019)

Gamma Rays

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21d 3h 58m
And that's what makes one of those teaser posters so good.

The one where he is literally outside The Continental in the rain.
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Trakanon Raider
6d 4h 13m
I watched JW2 last night and it was just off a bit. Every fight was about 15% too long. Maybe even a little more. Like they didn't have much of a movie so they said "shit, kill about 35 more guys in this scene, that will stretch it out.

The bullet proof suit is a point of contention to some, but i think it was there to get away from the "good guy kills 100 men, 100 men miss every bullet" issue, so he can actually get shot and not put down. Then again he gets shot in the abdomen and mostly blows it off until the Rat King bandages him up. Based on the shots that did that, he should have been shredded unless the bullet proof extended to the shirts which makes no sense because it was woven into the suit.

Anyhoo - the movie was just meh. And I don't get how every one word line Keanu gives is overemphasized all of a sudden: pause.......deliberate, enunciated word, pause......... Didn't notice it in 1, but was way overdone in 2.

Review derail off. Looking forward to 3.
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27d 14h 46m
Looks awesome. I liked how he was channeling his inner indiana jones with the motorcycles

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Vyemm Raider
15d 20h 50m
Looks great but I can't stand the bald lesbo. She seems to be playing the same character from billions


marco esquandolas
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60d 17h 58m
Well, from the looks of it, you will get to see her die horribly. Sounds like a win in the end
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Golden Baron of the Realm
89d 10h 4m
i'm sure everyone remembers it

also i'm pretty sure i've been in that knife store, looks like they movie set it, don't ever remember peg boards.


The Wokest
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95d 23h 41m
First 2 were amazing looking forward to #3. That being said I could do without Halle Berry. Even though these movies are awesome as shit I am hoping this is the last one as cool a character as John Wick is there will come a point where they jump the shark so to speak and I am betting this one will be it.

Now with that being said I would be all about more movies being made in this universe. Hell instead of John Wick 4 make a movie called "The Continental" and while I was typing this out I took a second to look it up and mother fucker The Continental (TV Series) - IMDb

I am all over this but only if both Swegen and hotel manager dude are involved.

San Francisco Cocksucker

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15d 53m
Eh, I get it, he's already in another show, plus movies...and frankly I'm more hopeful that the Deadwood movie gets such a great reaction they try to bring it back. (a long shot I know)

Also, this movie looks awesome.


Naxxramas 1.0 Raider
1d 22h 58m
John Wick 1 & 2 are two of the best pure action movies in the last decade. Trailer did not disappoint.
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Trakanon Raider
6d 4h 13m
My opinion - 1 was a gun action movie masterpiece. 2 was somewhat sub par in comparison but on second viewing I enjoyed it a little more.

The trailer for 3 made me moist though. I expect serious carnage.
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