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Ahn'Qiraj Raider
99d 15h 19m
didn't he want it?
he had already planned to fight again in March (London) i believe

i hope he just retires
but then i love seeing him get getting laid out


Necrath Evilcraft

Golden Knight of the Realm
18d 11h 57m
The sound made when he gets cracked literally made me smile. The hammerfists after he was clearly out were a nice bonus for a stand up fella!


Trakanon Raider
2d 8h 37m
What to do with the Middleweight division? If GSP can't/doesn't want to fight Whittaker, then where do we go from there? Should've been Mousasi, but he's elsewhere now. Rockhold beating Branch doesn't justify a title shot to me. You can say he got caught, whatever but Bisping beating him by KO kind of takes something away. Bisping has always been a good striker, but never someone that KO's people really like that. He usually just outworks folks and then finishes them on the ground.

Whittaker has beat the whose who of perennial top MW's...Jacare, Romero, Brunson. The only guys he hasn't fought is Weidman and Rockhold. Weidman was on a 3 fight losing streak before beating Gastellum (arguably 2 with the Mousasi win, but lets be honest, he was losing and the outcome wasn't going to be much different). But one of those guys that knocked him out was Rockhold. No one is really in position to say they are next in line. I'd love for Brunson to get another crack at him but he's gotta beat someone again before doing that.

Given that Rockhold got slept by Bisping, but has the better looking recent overall record, I guess I'd give that opportunity to him. The fight to be made to decide who fights for the belt after that should be the rematch of Brunson vs. Jacare or Romero, or Jacare vs. Romero. What do you think?


New title pending...
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83d 3h 30m
My only real issue with Rockhold getting the next shot is how long he was inactive before his last win. He was out for what, 16 months between fights? I get what your are saying with him getting KO'd by Bisping, but don't forget he absolutely wrecked Bisping the first time they fought.

I don't think GSP stands much chance against much of the MW division. I would prefer Whitaker and Rockhold fight for the title if GSP is going to move back down to WW. If not, let Whitaker get a shot at GSP, and have Rockhold fight Romero maybe.


<Prior Amod>
MW will be in perpetual shit for now, the fact they let GSP challenge the change after 4 years is stupid enough. Sure he was the reigning champ at WW, but is this any different than if Mighty Mouse retired now and came back to challenge Champion HW Brock Lesnar? just b/c he has the most defenses?


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
99d 15h 19m
if MM put on 100lbs of muscle, i would let him fight anyone he wanted :)

doesn't seem to be much hype for 218 this weekend, but looks to be pretty good card.

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Joe Rogan with the real talk about Conor's "100 million dollars." He probably made closer to 50, which is still a lot of money, but not "I can party and do coke every day" kind of money. People have gone broke with more money from winning the lottery by partying it away. Hell, even Mayweather claimed he's illiquid when IRS asked him to pay his 22 million in taxes, and he's had a few more multi hundred million dollar fights.