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12h 36m
6 fights on the main card Saturday night for the UFC Fight Night - Dos Santos vs. Ivanov...

I really don't feel like staying up til 1:40 am again like I did last Friday.


Karazhan Raider
58d 16h 21m

i doubt this is gonna happen, cyborgs tweet a lot of shit and usually everything she tweets falls through


Ssraeszha Raider
68d 7h 27m
I have no idea what that shit is in reference to, but how is a better than 50% win ratio in the highest level promotion in the world something to express contempt for?
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Karazhan Raider
58d 16h 21m
stylebender is a kickboxer before mma, the usual 100fight kind. stylebender posted an insulting vid of brendan saying kickboxers won't make it in mma (cuz he was talking about how saki got ko'd and then kickboxers in general).

stylebender recently came off fighting on the... tuf card? you know the fights NO ONE watched before 226, cuz TUF fight nights are worse than prelims, and stylebender went to decision, like his previous fight, so it's not like he's "all that".

dana will always hate brendan cuz brendan for all his flaws and cte idiot talk, somehow managed to slink his away into the world of comedy by way of dicksuk joe/bryan, and of course dana wants nothing better than for everyone that leaves ufc to fail.


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13d 1h 32m
appreciate the background lanx

only thing I will add onto that is Brendan Schaub was one of the main Reebok protestors who was very vocal about his loss of income (to the tune of 120,000 per fight lost) and it was a very public ordeal-- he went to a couple different news sites and gave interviews about all the money he was losing on this deal and how it was a raw deal for fighters.

To be fair to Schaub, Vitor Belfort did the EXACT same thing except he used his wife to do it for him so Dana couldn't directly rebuke him. Still, Vitor's wife bashed the fuck out of the deal and Dana never had a bad word to say about the Belforts.

Why get mad at Schaub and not Belfort? Because he considers Schaub beneath him. He should be a little good slave dooby and shut his mouth. Also I suppose Vitor had more "right" to complain as he lost 1 million per fight from the Reebok deal, so maybe Dana could understand the Belfort's venting a little bit. Schaub lost pocket change that Dana gambled with on any given night. But its all relative..

Schaub then retired due to the Reebok deal as fighting was no longer worth it.

That is the core of the beef and where the hatred stems from.
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Karazhan Raider
58d 16h 21m

i still dislike the reebok shorts
rather see freaking jumbo condom depot crap
a lot of times if it's a black guy vs black guy or a white guy vs a white and they wear shorts w/ a thin black strip and that designates that they're wearing black shorts, i'm like da fuq? this is why i like seeing Hector vs. Jason, a lot easier than looking at the god dam shorts, this is a problem w/ the no name prelims
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15d 5h 50m
he is one of the biggest draws
Fight Night 126: Cerrone Vs Medeiros event drew an average of 893,000 viewers on FOX Sports 1. ......
However, the most interesting statistic is that, despite only being the opening bout on the main card, it was actually Sage Northcutt’s bout with Thibault Gouti that delivered the peak rating for the event, with 1,078,000 viewers tuning in to see the 21-year-old emerge with a unanimous decision victory.


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20d 10m
Fuck nick diaz. DC would smoke him.
Of course he would. DC is too big and would fight safe (smart). It's doubtful he'd just let Nick jab him in the face 200 times.

It's weird; in the minds of the Diaz bros, toughing it out and weathering your opponents gameplan (instead of just negating their advantage) is preferable he says above...wrestle fucking your opponent. Like Nate at UFC 202...he didn't think he lost that fight. He felt Conor ran like a bitch, and he acted like he'd outlast him eventually...if only they had gone 6 rounds or something.

I do think the Lesnar match is terrible, unless Lesnar is somehow 100% better than he was last time.


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13d 5h 57m
why Fuck nic? he's right. I get DC wanting a payout before he retires, that's the only way I can look past that BS.