NFL 2017-18: Watch athletes destroy their brains


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17d 10h 53m
Since training camps have started:

It's that time if year again, Training Camp has Officially Begun for Most of the Teams.

Will the jets go O fer the season and lock in the #1 pick next year?
Will the Browns win more than 5 games?
Will the Zack attack suffer from the sophmore blues?
Will the Rams actually have an Offense?
Will the Falcon's recover from the devastating Loss in the Super Bowl Last year?
Will Carr and the Raiders stay healthy?
Will the Patriots Repeat?

Which team will rise from the ashes of defeat last year and turn into this year's Cinderella?

Stay Tuned as this year's Thrilling rivalries renew, Watch Glorious wins, & Watch Gut wrenching losses occur.

But above all else, Watch FOH members rip, ridicule and lambaste each other with insults galore as the season and "their" team progress to the Playoffs..


Trakanon Raider
13d 23h 5m
Coin toss - the winner picks a side.
[commercial telling you the coin toss was brought to you by (company)]
Talking heads talking about which (company) bought the naming rights to whatever stadium they are talking at.
*insert hype that the 2017 football season is about to start.
[fade away naming the sponsors of the NFL for this year]
Receiver catches the ball in the end zone, runs up to the 20 yard line to get tackled. Teams trot on and off the field.
Talking heads talking how well (insert quarterback) has improved from last year.
Said quarterback throws an interception and defense scores, celebrates, gets a penalty for excessive celebration.
Talking heads talk about the new celebrating rules.
[fade back to the game including more sponsors]
Talking heads get hyped again.
Scoring team kicks the ball out of bounds. Teams trot on and off the field.

Etc., etc. - sure am ready!


New title pending...
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27d 13h 2m
Didn't they say they were trying to cut down on the number of commercial breaks this year? I think they are going to have longer breaks, but less of them? Either way, I am ready!

I am pretty confident the 49ers are going to be better this year simply because they have better coaches in place. Of course they are still devoid of talent in some areas, so I don't expect a lot of wins. If the defense can stay healthy (Bowman, Foster, and all of the DB's) I think they will make a huge jump from last year. Hopefully they don't improve too much though, because we still need lots of high draft picks!
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27d 19h 1m
Thread title confused me. Thought this was an attempt at a Jets only thread.


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20d 3h 13m
We're laying low until he announces a game. Then we'll start in calling him "announcer of the year" or "future hall of fame announcer."
Do a not so great job for 3 quarters, then pad some stats in garbage time?


Trakanon Raider
17d 10h 53m
I figured you all would hate a title like:

NFL 2017 -Patriots rule//Patriots dynasty continues/Patriot Conquest Begins..

i like the brains one better than what i had up though.


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17d 19h 11m
Do a not so great job for 3 quarters, then pad some stats in garbage time?
I'm waiting to see if the play by play guy intercepts him or he throws out his microphone holdin shoulder.


Not Soygen
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43d 7h 22m
This is amusing.


Also is Kaeperbro willing to take backup money? For some reason I thought he wasn't. If he is I wish the Chargers would have snatched his bitch ass up.


Trakanon Raider
No one's gonna take him for anything more than vet minimum. Which means he's probably done.