NFL 2019 Season: It's Tricky!


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26d 21h 32m
It's disappointing as a niner fan but hell, we were 4-12 last year 6-10 the year before and 2-14 the year before that. This season was more fun than we've had since 2012. I'm trying to tell myself it's a young team with a great coach and they'll be back but all I can hear is myself saying the same thing about the Harbaugh/Kaepernick 49ers in 2012. This time's going to be different though right?

The killer in my mind was the 3 and out after the Chiefs scored to make it 20-17. The offense HAD to at least get a couple of first downs to give the defense a rest and keep Mahomes off the field. Going 3-out and handing the ball right back to a red-hot Mahomes was fucking brutal. Garoppolo played very well most of the game but in key moments in the 4th quarter, he didn't get it done. You just can't go 3-out in that situation.
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Thnx for letting me start this thread, all. As a Browns fan I am of course angry and bitter, and I jumped on the Titans bandwagon and that crapped out, but I am happy for the people of Chiefland. Factory of Sadness signing off, moving to the new thread
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