No Man's Sky


The once again terrible VGA's have concluded (this time called VGX for some reason) and developer Hello Games showed off a slick looking new game called No Man's Sky. The entire world is procedurally generated (second in MMO buzzwords only to voxels) so every distant dot in the sky you see is actually a thing you can travel to. I hesitate to put this in the MMO side, but it's a persistent and massive world so if their idea of multiplayer is capped at 16 dudes they've screwed something up. Also, space combat confirmed.

Anyways, it looks pretty great. Hello Games is a tiny team (four people last I heard) and this is by far their biggest endeavor, but they put out the solid Joe Danger games.

Here's a low resolution YouTube clip that hasn't been removed yet:

Edit: Scratch that hesitation to put it on the MMO side thanks to thisEurogamer bit:

"Made by only four people, No Man's Sky looks insanely ambitious. The planets will have their own ecology and ecosystem, according to Hello Games' Sean Murray, who noted "We're all playing in the same universe." So the stars you see in the sky are actually other planets that other players are playing on. Madness!"


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18d 8h 51m
Assuming I'm not wildly misinterpreting what's going on with this, it sounds like what ideally a sci-fi mmoshouldbe: a game where you can freely wander about the surface of a planet, then hop in a space ship and fly toanotherplanet in real time, and where you basically have one big seamless galaxy.

I generally prefer fantasy over sci-fi, but this'll be impressive as shit if they can actually pull it off. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.


Holy shit, if they can pull this off, I'm dead. I'm never leaving my house. I will lose my job, stop buying food, the water will be shut off and I will die from self-neglect.


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16h 39m
I'm going to be a bit sceptical, there's no info on the actual gameplay and that's what makes or breaks the game. Until then, it looks like a neat proof of concept.


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30d 9h 44m
tecknoe I don't understand what you're talking about.


Honestly , taking the voxel/proceduraly generated thing for a space/planet mmo is quite possibly a gold mine if done right. As others have noted in here , being able to go from planet exploration into space directly , then travel to other planets other players could be on , is something that could capture quite a number if done well.


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Also, I'm really falling out of love with procedural generation. Once you recognize the patterns it makes everything feel so...samey. Especially when it's a fairly limited set, just mixed up. Starbound is especially guilty of this in mob/planet design especially. Even going so far back as comparing daggerfall / morrowind, daggerfall's enormous world was largely wasted on being samey, which unfortunately occurs in every procedural game I've played.
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6d 2h 20m
Yea, hopefully they can get over that. MineCraft's biome system allows you to set up different rules for different areas then determine what % of the world you want to be each biome. Further complexity into customizable subsets seems like a good way to provide for variety.

Eventually it might be a middleware thing where an engine like the unreal engine has all that complexity and you just work with the parts you want. At least the koreans will. Over here in 'murica everyone has to have their own special engine and 3 years of development.