Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO


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I'll do you one better. What is Lurkingdirk?


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Pantheon only information website right now. It is so biased. It is being run by Bazgrim. The only other website currently is Pantheon.Plus. This website was created by Tony "Minus" Guidi. He supposedly gave the website to the community because he could not afford to buy for his RMT transactions in Blade and Soul and his Child Support payments at the same time. Go see Liz Woolley internet gaming addiction is real. From the beginning of my run on the forums I created a nice-looking website at the time called the Crossroads of Terminus years before the library opened. It was tied with Pantheon Radio and was a really nice piece of art. Minus got so pissed and kicked me from the community because I threathen his website with a better product. He claims he does have any ties to the Plus website address anymore, but the registrar of deed is unlisted now. Devs are constantly donating a "kick back" to the stream which is a highly illegal policy. It will not surprise me if Pantheon tries gate keeper the content out there when it comes to information on the game.
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Bazgrim takes Shill'ing to another level. Every time this joke of a development cycle has reset, he has spun it into an amazing "re-centering and focusing" of the game. That little bitch's face is very punchable.
It doesn’t matter what the video does or shows he spins it into the most insanely amazing thing ever created. It’s pretty pathetic, I can only watch like 30 seconds before I’m cringing and have to shut it off.
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A Secret Lair match made in heaven. One company putting out far too much product and another not at all. Ever.