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Silver Squire
Rate the random crap you watch between shitposting and jerking off chinese animorph childless pornography.

Sicario: 8.5/10. Easily the best pro-CIA movie I have ever seen. I thought it'd go towards trope with Emily Blunt's character telling the CIA/Delta ops how to play the ballgame, but nope, it never happens. 

Star Trek Beyond: 3/10. Beyond crap, generic action schlock. Everyone in this is a good actor (props to Urban as Bones), but I lost interest a third of the way through.


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105d 8h 56m
Jason Bourne: 6/10 Meh.

All the Way: 9/10 Bryan Cranston proves Breaking Bad wasn't a fluke.

Star Trek Beyond: 5/10 Meh.
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Vyemm Raider
15d 20h 7m
Criminal - 7/10 - surprisingly ok and I went in with low expectations
Steve Jobs - 7/10 - decent insight
Criminal wasnt too bad but the reviews I saw were giving it 3/10 so going in with low expectations was good. Reynolds wasnt in the movie at all

Nice guys 9/10
Independence day - couldnt make it through the whole movie
Everybody wants some 7/10
Warcraft 6/10
Central intelligence 7/10
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Lord Nagafen Raider
1d 8h 0m
Warcraft: 7/10, i thought it was actually pretty decent. one of the better video game movies..

i was excited to see star trek but since everyones telling me its shit, ill probably wait..


Lord Nagafen Raider
6h 26m
Independence Day 6/10 - Story is pretty meh but if you turn off your brain and don't try and think about stuff its pretty decent

Central Intelligence 8/10 - My wife and i both laughed pretty well thru out the whole thing. has a few dips to try and move the story along but still worth the price of admission


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7d 16h 46m
Independence day, 5/10 (popcorn flick that matched the first)
Warcraft, 3/10 (wtf...)

Torrent of the new Ghostbusters, -10/10 (Actors were decent, story was something written by someone who has once seen the posters for the first movie and seen a trailer or two).

Pumpkin Thief

Golden Squire
3d 3h 31m
The Lobster - 7/10 Solid weird/dark social commentary on our culture's obsession with being in a relationship. At least that's what I got out of it.
The Turbo Kid - Not sure how to rate it. It's an intentional late 80s/early 90s sci-fi/dystopia B-movie clone. If you're in the mood for that, it's a fucking 10/10. It nails the vibe perfectly. Think Prayer of the Roller Boys, Cherry 2000, Solar Babies etc
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