Ravvenn is the Megan Fox of Hooking

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Lithose_sl said:
btw, here is a summary I made in the other thread, if you guys who are catching up want to know why this is funny (And how far back the history goes.)....I still suggest reading the thread, for quality shoops like this...But this summary has most of the actions. (Also has how Rav fucked Cam over, for those who don't remember.) All this was written down 18 months (Or whatever) ago during the melt down, it's based on what we knew then. Obviously things have changed..


1999-200?: Rav joins FoH. Begins fucking the guild leader. Is accused daily of being an e-whore, and sleeping to the top for loot. Accusations don't carry much weight, other EQ heavies later come in and say Rav was good, and the person saying this (Tyen) was an awful cock sucker who was worthless and only there because he amused people with his monkey like antics.

2010 (Ish?): Rav starts posting about he rescue outfit. Says some lady robbed her of a bunch of supplies. Donations are made. This seemed legit, she for sure had a rescue operation..But now people are wondering if the phantom lady was actually Rav embezzling funds. Not enough information to make a firm entry here.

2010Ish: Rav Breaks up with Furor. Much drama, centered around the typical young, good looking woman storyline of Rav sacrificing her "youth" to serve Furor, but then when Furor is established and rich, him kicking her to the curb and getting someone else. Multiple Phone conversations with Suin and Kir during this time going over the drama, it's not really juicy, typical ex-girlfriend stuff. This is where Suin and Rav start.

Suin helps Rav with a few script pain killers and while he won't admit it, most believe he was "compensated" somehow...How exactly? Your guess, he's not honest like Blaz, so we'll never know (But the phone records he has in this thread look doctored as shit..."Oh, you want me to visit you after blizzcon? Can't, going home to my wife wife, I don't ever stay out too late and party. I'm a model married man! So no time to see you!"---Yeah, Suin. I didn't believe that shit for a minute.)

During this time Rav is also talking to Camerous. Camerous pays her rent, buys her a dress, gets her kid Christmas presents. Spends upwards of 3k+ dollars on Rav. Also sends her percocets. When he is unable to pay, Rav stops talking to him. Cam isn't angry, and Rav still defends him on the boards, but there is very little contact between them, when before there was a lot.

Rav also gets another free Xbox/Controller/Livecard from someone who works at MS and is a board poster here. MS guy asks for a few pictures of her son playing the Xbox so he can put it up on MS' charity wall of good feelings--Rav doesn't respond, cuts off contact (Assumed Xbox is flipped for money.)

2012: Rav gets sick. Suin sees she is ill on her facebook page and quickly goes into full white knight mode to protect his secret mistress that only loves him. He posts on the board, asking for donations because Rav has money issues--she just moved back to Kentucky after leaving furor and doesn't even have health insurance yet. Suining offers to match the first 500$ FoH donates. Many people donate. Blazin offers to donate a dollar for every + net he receives, Blazin receives hundreds of +nets, donates lots of money.

Rav contacts Blazin, begins flirting with him. Blazin develops an online relationship with Rav--though not much detail is gone into, Blazin's wife certainly counted it as "cheating", though it was never physical. Since Blazin has naked pictures of Rav, most assume there was perhaps cybering, but at the very least heavy flirtation with tits included. During this time, Suin is dropped, as his funds and support can not match Blazin. Suin discontinues the fund raiser, gets angry and disappears from the board due to being disregarded.

None of us notice any of this because this happens during the rise of the Swamp Donkey, and the Ragnarok in Screen Shots as she was flamed by everyone. Rav joins in this flame fest and despite her nature, is able to make Tyen look like a worthless gimp, and Trex look like a whore--speaks volumes about how bad Tyen/Trex are.

2012-2013: Blazin's wife finds out about the fling, Blazin is unable to help Rav. Ties with Blazin are severed.

2013: Rav posts about her drug addict, psycho brother, and how horrible her life is within the abusive household. Makes multiple references to having no money, and being unable to even afford a hotel--but fearing for her life because the brother is violent. Even her assets were sold to a pawn shop by said psycho brother as he was looking to feed his addiction, so she is in dire need of cash, until her next check comes in. She does not ask for cash, she is "just venting".

Suin sees said venting, and realizes she is trolling for another man to send her a PM and say "aww, Rav, let me help you"--for the cycle to begin a new. Suin creates alt board account known as BridgeBurner, and begins revealing some information--outs himself early on and decides to dump all the infos. Blazin at first says "NOOOOOOO!" as he finds out he was a pawn. Suin talks to Blazin, and shows him how he was third in a chain of people used. Blazin sobered to reality, posts the pictures Rav sent him as a thank you for helping her--her tit shots.

Sometime during this all, Gavinard makes friends with Rav. She offers to send him boobs, but he says no "I love you, for real--I need not the boobs."...Jumps in this thread and white knights in such a way that would make lancelot blush and appease a twilight reader in terms of cheese factor. No one knows if he is trolling, or not--I assume he is. His trolling reaches new levels and he shows pictures of him stalking places Rav visits, he is banned.

Tyen joins the board and we realize despite holding nugget of truth, he is still a terrible person and is quickly banned.


A lot of this is much more hilarious given what we know know..."accused of being an E-whore"----hahaha. I guess she's not "accused" of that anymore. Also, Tyen's vague accusations have a lot more meaning now, eh? LOL his assessment of her in 99, given that Furor said he met her while she was hooking, seems to be completely honest now. Crazy.


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Ohoh, "Duo with newbie Sam"


A night you never forget. Also, bring Xboxes for payment.


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Based on the view of her stomach in the hot tub pic, it's not her.



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Definitely her. Tattoo has been there for awhile.

EDIT: Link that hot tub pic for us again, if you please. I don't have it handy to look at.


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I think we're edging into solid SSHoF territory here

EDIT: not that kind of edging, Kuriin


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Megan fox of ohio, right? Shes back in ohio @ 100 bucks per half hour. Order now.
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