RIP George HW Bush @94


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31d 19h 31m
I don't even have anything snarky to add.

So long, old man. You did your best. And it was good enough.

RIP in Peace.
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23d 14h 19m
This was the first president I actually voted for. I'll give him a "did good enough" for what he had to work on. Reagan was a hell of an act to follow up and then he got to run against Bill Clinton's charisma score.


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13d 1h 9m
When I was in high school I went to Washington DC for a 4-H trip during Bush 41's presidency and we did a bus tour of the monuments at night. When we passed the White House, the tour guide said "If you peek through the shrubs, you might just see some bushes!" When GW got elected the first thing I thought was I bet that guy is excited that he can use that joke again.


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64d 4h 21m
I think he was one of the only presidents that were truly a decent human.

He decided to save so many lives during the GW1 and it probably cost him a 2nd term.

I think he did good work with Desert Shield/Storm, but the Panama Invasion was pretty fucked up.
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6d 1h 33m
I think he did good work with Desert Shield/Storm, but the Panama Invasion was pretty fucked up.
Yeah, how dare we violate Manual Noriega's rights like that when he controls the single vital shipping lane between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Bush I made some mistakes, and I didn't vote for him in my first Presidential election of 1992 because he seemed like he was all about the bureaucracy; he was a tinkerer, and I thought even back then we needed some Big Ideas to break the logjam in the decades-long buildup in the size and scope of the Federal Government. Also, "No new taxes"/Kinder Gentler was such a huge turnoff after the heady days of Reagan. I voted for Perot as a protest and Bush won Texas anyway. I genuinely took him for granted, and immediately regretted not voting for him as Perot revealed himself to be crazy and Clinton revealed himself to be absolutely corrupt. He served the country in so many ways, set what he believed to be the precedent for global security for the next 3 decades and was a fantastic former President. Also an incredibly decent and loving family man. God rest and speed.
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13d 20h 59m
Rare image of GWB taken on November 22nd, 1963. Probably the only president to have killed another president. Where's L Lumi when we need him? :D