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14d 2h 38m
My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Romania this summer in late July/early August. We'll be flying in to Bucharest and we'll have 2 weeks in the country.

Any suggestions on must-see stuff? I don't know much about the country, so I'm really open and curious. We're the type of travelers who like to go off the beaten path and explore on our own whenever possible.

*Edit* In terms of language, we've been learning some basic Romanian. However, I speak Russian. Would Russian take me far in Romania, or is it not super common there?
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30d 14h 54m
Russian might get you punched in the face in Romania. The revolution there was painful, and many lives were lost. You'll get along fine in Romania with English.

A spectacular way to see the Carpathians is to rent a car and spend a day driving the Transfagarasan road ( ) which crosses the Fagaras mountains, the highest part of the Carpathians in Romania.


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31d 3h 28m
Didn’t we have 1 or 2 forum posters from Romania? The Keyboard guy? Hah shit he’s probably going to hate me. “The keyboard guy? That mother fucker.”


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14d 2h 38m
I vaguely remember seeing some Romanian posters here.

Anyway, here's what we've got planned as a rough itinerary:

Arrive in Bucharest
2 days in Bucharest
4 days in Brasov
1.5 - 2 days in Cluj-Napoca (depending on travel times)
3 days in Suceava
1 day in Bucharest

We have ideas for things we want to see/do in each area, but I'd love to hear first-hand experience if anyone has been to those places.


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27d 16h 30m
Yeah, he was (maybe still is) definitely in Romania several years ago. I bought some electronic parts for him that he couldn't get without paying an exorbitant fee, but only cost me a few bucks. Even with shipping it was vastly cheaper I guess.

Hopefully he used those parts to meddle in our elections! (Yes, I know Romania isn't Russia, just let me have my fun.)