Secret Labs Titan chair


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8d 9h 38m
Anybody have any firsthand experience with these chairs? I'm a larger guy (6'1 & around 260lbs) so I was directed to their Titan model. I see it has great reviews on their site but wanted to get someone else's opinion on it before I pulled the trigger. Thanks in advance & I'll pm some tits (not mine) if someone can help out


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32d 18h 7m
Funny enough I bought one recently and enjoy it quite immensely.
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17d 2h 19m
I too got one recently, I think I've had it about 2 weeks. I'm pretty happy with it. It definitely helps my posture when I'm gaming, then all the adjustments and stuff are pretty great for just lounging.

I will say it's a pretty good sized chair.

If you can get over the cost I'd recommend it. I had a hard time justifying the expense, but I figure outside of my bed it's the thing I use the most at home so I shouldn't be cheap about it.
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