Shazam! (2019)


Vyemm Raider
16d 14h 16m
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Title: Shazam! (2019)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Director: David F. Sandberg

Cast: Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Djimon Hounsou, Jack Dylan Grazer, Grace Fulton, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Cooper Andrews, Marta Milans, Adam Brody, Michelle Borth, Meagan Good, Ross Butler, D.J. Cotrona, Ava Preston, David J. MacNeil, Carson MacCormac, Caroline Palmer, Lotta Losten, Andi Osho, Ethan Pugiotto, David Kohlsmith, Natalia Safran, Lou Lou Safran, Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz, Ali Badshah, Simon Northwood, Lovina Yavari, Jim Pagiamtzis, Emily Nixon, Raul Torres, Jhaleil Swaby, Jackson Reid, Bryce Arden Poe, Tosh Robertson, Pearl Ho, Cassandra Ebner, Angelica Lisk-Hann, Jesse Bond

Release: 2019-04-05

Plot: We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson's case, by shouting out one word--SHAZAM!--this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult superhero Shazam, courtesy of an ancient wizard.Still a kid at heart--inside a ripped, godlike body--Shazam revels in this adult version of himself by doing what any teen would do with superpowers: have fun with them! Can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning out of his hands? Can he skip his social studies test? Shazam sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he'll need to master these powers quickly in order to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Doctor Thaddeus Sivana.

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Mr. K

Lord Nagafen Raider
22d 18h 8m
Hoping this may be the GOTG (too soon?) for the DCU.

Lesser known hero, leaning towards the comedy.

But definitely won't hold my breath, DC shoots itself in the foot nearly every time.


Blackwing Lair Raider
25d 17h 31m
Chuck is a huge geek and really into the superhero stuff, I have faith in him but DC not so much.


FPS noob
24d 22h 39m
i thought this was gonna be a reboot of the 1967 cartoon

but yeah that looks great not quite deadpool levels of snark but looks funny and fun


Throbbing Member
71d 4h 59m
This is what the movie should be. Reminds me of the Shazam from the Young Justice and Justice League cartoons.

a c i d.f l y

<Prior Amod>
This looks pretty much exactly like what it's supposed to be, other than some less than subtle asthetic design choices.


<Silver Donator>
32d 4h 6m
I'm hoping this lives up to the trailer and doesn't grimdark shit up... It's the Big Red Cheese after all.


SamDaMan's Dungeon Club
56d 23m
I hope it sucks like all the other DC films and I hope it's the LAST film that the DCEU creates and goes bankrupt. I'm a completely irrational bitch when it comes to this stuff and I don't know why... I mean, yeah it's because I love the MCU but I don't know why I can't love both franchises. If I love the MCU, I should love other nerdy superhero type of stuff right? But for some reason I literally hate the DCEU and all of its characters (Nolan's Batman films get a pass, obv).
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Not Soygen
<Gold Donor>
49d 13h 1m
I liked Captain Marvel from the comics and animated films. Hope this is good but its been one dissapointment after another with DC.


Bronze Knight of the Realm
5d 11h 39m
If this and Aquaman tank this is the last from the DCEU besides a WW2 I would bet. Having said that, this might be decent. Aquaman sure as shit won't be.


Golden Baron of the Realm
88d 21h 6m
screw it, i've been 100% negative on every non batman dc movie, and i was correct, DC movies suck, but maybe... this is supposed to be really really tongue in cheek? i mean that was the original purpose of captain marvel


Space Pirate
<Bronze Donator>
36d 5h 56m
I think they are going for the right tone for this movie. That said, it looked boring, and not funny to me.
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