Slormancer - Early Access ARPG


Tranny Chaser
75d 23h 42m

Anyone played this? I bought it during the Steam sale, having watched it for a while.

It is not bad, actually, for those of you who are ARPG afficionados. Definitely in the top half of the ARPGs released in the last while. Edit - Early access - eg - there is an Ancestral skill tree that unlocks with stones you get for defeating bosses and the upper layers of it are still not filled in.

Three standard dex, int, and str classes, a row of ~ 10 skills ala Diablo III with 10 levels of different specializations in each skill. Many artifacts for each class that level up and change. Gear that you can level up with material. Gear mod adjusting.

I got cockblocked at the third boss on a mage build, due to seemingly unavoidable walls of fire. The only video I could find on Youtube on it was a knight character just walking through it an dps-ing the boss down in 10 seconds lol.

Anyway, def worth the sale price I paid since I already put 13 hours into it and I should def double or triple that.


Mr. Poopybutthole
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This reminds me of Enter the Gungeon (which is awesome).


Person of Whiteness
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178d 6h 48m
Pretty sure “slor” is how we pronounced SLR or “slutty lesbian roleplayer” back in EQ.


Blackwing Lair Raider
13d 17h 9m
Many Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day I can tell you.
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Tranny Chaser
75d 23h 42m
Well, all in all it is pretty shallow with story content. Come to find out that boss I could not beat was the last of the game to date, with more areas planned. I just farmed up better gear and modded with more life and beat it easily.

The current grind of expeditions and tower is still semi-engaging, but the game overall is short on "interesting" content. I am around 26 hours now, so money well spent at least.