The Evelys Apology

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97d 6h 23m
A pathological liar with potential entertainment value?

Let him live!
Seriously. Invite back. warn of massive ball busting.

That said. there is some really disturbing shit. The forum nuking is pretty crazy, and annoying.

but the rape story. Think it was adam12 that that also talked of, fake illness and other crazy pathological lying. That stuff goes WAY beyond fake identity. That is some disturbingly crazy shit.


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12d 8h 27m
When i browse forums i want to be entertained and he delivered.

Give him a second chance. At one point the craziness in him will gain the upper hand again and i dont want to miss that.


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118d 2h 26m
I feel bad for him. That's some crazy shit. Even if we "let" him back, does he even want to come back? I'm just taking the apology for what it is.


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7d 7h 22m
I always thought he was a great poster, but if he was using this site as a crutch to hide from facing reality, maybe it would be better for him if he did not come back. That said, I've love to see him posting again; certainly not everybody will be as forgiving, but as a poster I always considered him an asset. Ultimately he has to do what's best for himself.


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28d 21h 23m
To me the only real issue was deleting the site. I'd leave it up to whoever worked on MN, but I really mind if he comes back.


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What a faggot.

What the fuck is this horse shit, I can't use a gif for my avatar. Bullshit.
No signatures either? What the fuck get this shit together.


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1d 1h 50m
Sorry, even with all the lulzworthy drama that happened yesterday, I am still fucking livid with Evelys.

As a lot of people said before, the majority of us will give ZERO fucks what gender he was. He could have pretended to be a lizardman from the planet colony magina-785 and noone would have cared (ok that might be pushing it a bit but you get what I mean)
He might have got some heat from the more trollworthy members of the community but it would have passed over given time and he didnt need to carry on assuming his false identity. It was the perfect opportunity to come clean. New board, new start, lots of goodwill towards you. People would have accepted it very easily.

But he panicked. He deleted all the momentum that we had migrating from one place to another with one press of a button. He damn near destroyed or severally fractured a long standing community with what he did if not for the swift actions of some people. Bridges had been burnt but he left those people high and dry with no place to go on the cliftside.

It was like you left your long time abusive spouse for a new caring partner, only for you to one day come back from work and she had vacated the house, cleaned out the bank and then stuck a note on the front door saying 'I'm gone. Sorry for cheating you. Here's your money back for buying me dinner yesterday'. The only option left is for you to go back to the abusive spouse with your head down and him waiting on the front door taunting you saying 'I knew you will come back..'

As you can see from his pictures and background, he is not a stupid person. Nor is he a immature teenager. You cannot just do something this drastic and just say: 'Sorry, I panicked' and be done with it. There has to be accountabilty. Imagine if someone kills another person because they panicked. He might not be charged with murder because of legitimate mental reasons but can he be charged with Manslaughter? Definately yes.

Also, its the fucking Internet. Did he really think he could just delete the forum and various social media profiles and slink away? Did he learn NOTHING from the time he was with Shit comes backs to you sooner or later and him doing what he did only made people dig even harder to look for answers.

I haven't felt as mad as I have yesterday in a long time. I felt betrayed, kicked in the gut and shat upon and that was compounded even worse with the Tyen and Trex taunting and Req finally posting but showing contempt and apathy towards the userbase.

Just imagine what would have happened if this new site wasn't set up?

Sorry but I am just not as forgiving as some of you.


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Yeah just imagine what would have happened. HOW COULD WE HAVE GONE ON? Holy shit.


Is what he did fucked up? You betcha. But he manned up and apologized. Name of the site is rerolled, so hopefully he does.


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Is what he did fucked up? You betcha. But he manned up and apologized. Name of the site is rerolled, so hopefully he does.
Coming clean and making an admission is the last thing I expected, so there is that. Its over. Hopefully he really deleted everything, and hopefully we are all smart enough to use toss away PW's on forums and not the same one you use for your email or bank account log ins or something.


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1d 8h 4m
This whole drama overload is making my brain hurt.

Like most of you, I'm more pissed off that he fucked up a smooth migration than about the mangina thing. Couldn't he have just come out all 'Surprise, I have a dick!' and we all have a good laugh and continue on at MN, but instead he goes and nukes the entire fucking project and sets it way back. Not cool at all.

And jesus christ, does this site have a magnet for these people? I had no idea there were so many dudes out there seriously adopting these female personas, what the hell. Time to update the DSM?


As you can see from his pictures and background, he is not a stupid person. Nor is he a immature teenager.
I don't know about that. From his pictures he looked both stupid and immature. He was wearing a tunic over a pirate shirt or some shit.




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Jesus Christ on a bicycle.

All we need now is for some pics of Jeffelys to surface showing that he has deformed foot that was mangled in a farming accident and the circle of irony will be complete.
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