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How about some Greek black metal love? It's hard to pick out favorite Rotting Christ tracks, so here's a random post of what I've been listening to lately:


Trakanon Raider
4d 20h 41m
Yup, sounds good so far. Also, Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat is a pretty solid debut album. I get a weird Primus vibe from it for some reason. Worth going back and giving it a listen if you haven't heard it for awhile.

The new Gatecreeper showed up in my subscriptions this morning. It's more doom than death.
Yeah wow Gatecreeper real good. Its like the best parts of Entombed + Obituary. Entire album is good.

For those unfamiliar Entombed are one of the bands that made Swedish Death Metal a thing.

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Vyemm Raider
73d 12h 26m
At the exit111 festival in Manchester TN. Alien Weaponry was bad ass. Next up fever333, gojira and mastodon. Ok man Fever 333 sucked (RATM wannabes sounded like) but I was introduced to Alien Weaponry from New Zealand and super good show live. Ran into the bass player and singer over at another stage when Power Trip was playing and they were really chill and down to earth.
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18d 2h 46m
Aftershock had a lot of great acts; Gojira, Rob Zombie, Tool, Manson, Slipknot. Bunch of lesser known bands like Spirit Adrift, BRKN Love, Fire From The Gods, etc. Super good through all three days. Maximum lulz for half the festival leaving before Blink 182 came on as "headliner" for Saturday. Rob Zombie tore that shit up