The Superman Question

7d 15h 2m
This is a question I came up with several years ago:

You're walking on a beach and you come across a lamp,
you dust it off and out pops a genie.

The Genie says to you, "I am the Genie of the Lamp, thank you for freeing me!"

You're excited and ask if this now means you get three wishes. The Genie responds,
"You've been watching too much TV, my powers don't work that way. I am grateful
and I can offer you a gift, but it comes at a price."

He tells you he can give you all the powers similar to that of the fictional character Superman, without
any of the weaknesses (Kryponite doesn't exist and can't kill you). You get super strength, super speed, X-Ray vision,
flight, invulnerability, super hearing and THATS IT.
In order to do so you must sacrifice one thing in return.

Your options:

-Any one of your digits (fingers/toes) Taken off with a dull saw... it's going to take a while.
-30 IQ points
-All your memories before your 18th Birthday (you retain knowledge of language,
skills, any education training, i.e. you don't go full retard)
-30 years off the end of your life. You live to be 55.

What do you choose?


Trakanon Raider
24d 4h 15m
Memories before 18. Can barely remember that shit anyways, and I'm only 27.


Digit for sure.

I feel like the glory of being superman would lose something if i lost pre-teen memories, and why make the power last 30 years less... and screw losing IQ points if I don't have to. Plus I could rock a badass prosthetic digit.


Golden Knight of the Realm
7d 17h 44m
You gotta make this a tougher decision. Who gives a shit about losing a pinky toe?
7d 15h 2m
It's funny, because over the years I've gotten more balanced results. Some people are way more concerned about their bodies than anything else.
The rare ones are usually the 30 IQ pts and the pass.


We're America, bitch!
<Gold Donor>
68d 2h 1m
Well, if you're a real Superman nerd (like me) and you got confirmation that you would have ALL of the powers of Superman, I'd take 30 years off the end. Because what is 30 years taken off of functional immortality? If Superman were real, he'd eventually get tired of living for eons and eons anyway, I'd imagine.

If the (badly worded) deal didn't include Superman's longevity, I'd definitely go with a digit. Fuck losing all those other things.


Molten Core Raider
10d 12h 45m
You can have 1 2 and 3 if I had all his powers.

This planet would be a cinder when i was done anyway.


Bronze Baronet of the Realm
87d 1h 11m
well considering one of his power is pretty much immortality. I would say that is pretty much a no brainer.

30 years off of 200 million? uhm, ok.


Connoisseur of Exotic Pictures
Give the 30 years. You can always pull that fly around the Earth against it's rotation time reversal bull shit from the original movie and Groundhog Day it with the world as your oyster.


Molten Core Raider
19d 8h 31m
In hindsight I would choose nothing and pass the offer. But it's a little late for that.

First of all, if I am on a beach and some dude comes wafting out of a haze after I rubbed a lamp; Then proceeds to tell me that if I let him fuck me up somehow he will give me all of Superman's powers... then that should have been my first clue that I was high or drunk as shit, or something. This 'genie' was probably nothing more than a crazy bum who was just as fucked as I was. He probably read too many comic books as a kid. And now they are the only things he can remember because he went and erased all of the memories he has had, since the age of 18, with the help of some spray paint and a paper bag. So what winds up happening is I am like, "fuck the pinky toe, you want a toe man I can get you a toe, WITH nail polish..." and then he proceeds to hack it off using his hobo hand saw.

So no, I don't want your fucking superman powers, I want my god damn toe back. Why the fuck did I do this to myself, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! *limps away crying*