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Fire Dungeon


Deana fidgeted nervously as the island gently shook again. This had been happening more and more, the vibrations of the island growing in intensity by the day. Still, she persisted in her duties, shouting the news for the townsfolk - as if anything would take their mind off of the quaking.

"Hear ye, Hear ye, Vesper will be vulnerable to attacks by enemy forces withi-", Deana's voice broke as the island shook again. A few lampposts came crashing down in front of the provisioner's shop, damaging the structure and upending a table. Off in the distance, a man and a woman shouted curses, while others began to panic.

The island shook again, the waves on the rocky shore splashing with frosty hisses against the great stone wall surrounding the city. Deana abandoned her post for the first time while on duty. The shack she lived in on the docks, the place she called home for years, would not stand this test of nature. Hurried panicked thoughts quaked through her mind, as she fled to gather what she could from her abode.

As Deana shuffled forward, a red glow caught her eye. She glanced to the side as she ran, and any panick in her mind was instantly replaced by terror as she came to a crashing hault. The flames from the wall sconces danced from their torches, skipping down the sides of the stone walls like deadly ballerinas, only to crash against the stone floor and disperse into a fiery nova. Cinders and sparks flew from braziers, seemingly guided, yet reckless. The entire wall of the serpent's hold bank and the floors below became a symphony of flame, fire, and despair.

Deana regained composure long enough to fumble her way through the archways and to the docks. The scene only grew worse. The smell of char and death snaked through her nostrils as flames carried ash and flesh off into the sky. Her shack was among the casualties.

Again, the island clashed against gravity, sending Deana tumbling down against the course pathway. The island bellowed, making a grating sound - almost like a scream - as stone met more stone, sending the fires and flames into hysterical fits of flailing. That's when she looked up and saw the unnatural red glow emanating from the cave - the cave that had stood silent for all these years. The glow pulsed, growing brighter and more intense with every wail, creak, and shake of the island.

Time suddenly stopped. The flames continued to dance, the island persisted to rumble, people did not stop fleeing, but suddenly there was no sound. And that is when Deana's world changed forever as the deafening silence was broken with the loudest roar she had ever heard. The cave that had stood silent and still for decades was suddenly very much alive.


Fire dungeon is now open to all players. Fire dungeon is a unique *instanced* dungeon that requires a party of at least 5 players but allows up to 10, it is recommended to bring many people as it is designed to be challenging. There are two fire instances that can be used simultaneously so two groups can run the encounter at the same time.

Fire dungeon has a cooldown period of 7 days per character so you can't repeat the instance on the same character over and over again. Fire is a timed encounter and allows for 30 minutes per boss (timer is increased when you kill a boss) plus a 10 minute looting period when you defeat the final boss, you will periodically receive messages with how much time is remaining before you are removed from the dungeon.

In fire dungeon you will encounter 6 boss monsters that have very unique abilities and will require a group to work together to bring down. When a boss is killed the group is awarded dousing points which will be used at a new vendor to buy some cool items that will be updated over time, currently there is a statuette and a title available from the vendor.

Fire dungeon is a tamer friendly zone but pets will not follow you into the instance, instead there is a tank dragon that spawns at the entrance that can be used to help the group on their trip through the dungeon. The tank dragon will not follow you out of the dungeon either. We hope to remove the reliance on dragon zergs and promote template diversity as certain combinations of skills will prove beneficial to those that wish to master the dungeon.

The 6 bosses inside of Fire Dungeon are:

Baron Von Geddon - A very powerful ancient wyrm that is located across the deadly fire rope. Watch out for his bomb attack.
Stomp'ur and Clomp'ur - Two nasty ogre lords that have taken hold of the cemetery where they practice their stomping.
Ruby dragon and its handler - A nasty red dragon with a handler that gives her pet commands. They live just past the stairs to the lower level of Fire.
The Immortal Flame - look for water buckets when fighting this beast or you will surely perish. This evil creature has claimed the evil mage tower as his home.

Wind Battleground


Wind has now become vulnerable to capture by town militia members. There is no longer a magery requirement to enter Wind. Wind battleground is a hold the flag pvp event, the wind fragment becomes lootable and the holder earns their town points every few seconds. There is also a brazier that can be lit, if it is lit by the town holding the fragment they will earn double the points. The holder of the wind fragment is highlighted yellow and cannot perform harmful actions. When the wind fragment is held all players in the area get a tracking arrow that updates them on the location of the player with the fragment.

If you die and leave the dungeon during the wind battleground you will be teleported to your home town so you can restock quickly and get back into the fight (no stat loss during this time period.)

The Wind Battleground is an hour long event but the first town to 500 points wins the event and receives a militia gift box with some gold and a random weapon. Wind battleground will occur before town militia wars every day at 8am EDT 2pm EDT and 8pm EDT.

Wind also tries to keep the teams a little balanced so that it won't be an 8 man group vs 3 man groups. The maximum number of players allowed in per town is 8 but that can only be reached when the average number of players per town is high enough.

King of the Hill


Vulnerable towns will now be attack-able when militia wars are not active. Militia members can capture at least two braziers to start collecting valorite coins every 30 seconds, a fierce enough militia that can hold all 3 braziers will be award a small bonus to their valorite coin gains. Valorite coins that can be acquired through this method are capped and split amongst the holding militia members to encourage smaller numbers. Militia members not in the town or hidden in the town will not receive coins. Coins are delivered to the player's backpack.

Dungeon Slayer Armor Revamp


All existing slayer armor pieces will be updated with our new slayer armor logic. All suits are blessed and useable while in dungeons. When outside of a dungeon zone, suits retain their benefits, but become unlessed and freely lootable upon death. Suits only receive their benefits when they have the entire same suit equipped. The message they currently receive with the sparkle graphic is a good way show they are receiving the benefits of the armor. All suits will have a 0 AR check against other players. Suit benefits will not activate on players. All pieces will have 100 durability, which can be seen by arms loring a piece. A special repair deed is now craftable by blacksmiths that can be used to repair the slayer armor pieces.

There are four slayer armor sets with the following bonuses:

The Destard set of armor now suits the roll of a tank in that it provides a high amount of armor (85) along with 10% physical damage reduction and 15% magic damage reduction while a shield is equipped. Also while fighting monsters they will focus the wearer of the Destard set when hit to effectively maintain aggro on themselves and protect their fellow adventurers.

The Hythloth set of armor is now fitted for the roll of a damage dealing dexxer. This suit provides medium armor (45) and increases physical damage on monsters by 20%. There is also a small chance to cast lightning while striking the enemy monster with a melee weapon. All damage spells and increases only proc from melee strikes.

The Deceit armor set provides a lot of utility through various debuffs on the target creature while providing a medium amount of armor (50). When striking a creature the wearer has a chance to cast the curse spell on their target, there is also a similar chance to discord the target as well. All debuffs only proc from melee strikes.

The Shame armor set is the only mage focused set. The suit provides a small amount of armor (25) and full meditation allowance along with 75% additional spell damage against creatures and a very small chance to lower reg requirements on spells.



We will be launching an AnCorpCasino on the second floor of West Britain Bank! Currently, we have video blackjack, keno and several varieties of slot machines.

As a special prize on the slot machines, we have a special 1150 White suit. There are 10 pieces of the suit in total, sandals, long pants, doublet, fancy shirt, a layered sash, a cloak, a robe, leather gloves, floppy hat, and half apron.

We also will have several slot machines working towards a huge progressive jackpot!

We are still working on a poker system, we will try to have something in place soon.


Other Updates

A few of our gumps have been updated to be more aesthetically pleasing. The welcome gump now includes patch notes along with links to the wiki and main site and also timers for each city's election cycle so players know how long until the next campaign period.

Britain has declared a tax treaty with all other cities. This means that players visiting Britain will enjoy the tax rates of their home city so they have a wider selection of vendors to choose from. Money spent by travelers visiting Britain will be deposited into their home town's treasury.

Hair restyle deeds have been removed from new player ticket rewards, they have also been reduced in price drastically on the exotic goods vendor.

Town squares skill usage messages have been reduced to once per 3 minutes in order to cut down on spam. Enter and leave messages have been removed from the WBB gain area.

Discordance can now be reliably trained with its effect not lasting forever on the target.

Ghosts will no longer block recall spots.

Our inactive player skill scroll promotion has been fixed so the scrolls go into the correct character's backpack.

The custom dungeon levels in Hythloth and Deceit have been updated to be actual dungeon regions.

You can now add gold directly to a town's treasury by dropping gold or a bank check onto the treasury chest.


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Yep it was off to a bad start, and yes it can be true but there have been many posts from new players asking where everyone is at britain. I'm sticking around for a bit to see if things improve, the thing I like is how fast they fix things and very attentive. From my past private servers, the bane of it has always been slow fixes.


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african has been spotted!



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Slayer Crafting Revamp

Crafting with colored ingots will now yield grandmaster and above blacksmiths the chance to create a slayer weapon. The type of slayer is determined by the color of the ingot and matches up with the following list:

Dull Copper: EarthShatter, SummerWind, LizardmanSlaughter, OrcSlaying
Shadow: SpidersDeath, SnakesBane, TrollSlaughter
Copper: FlameDousing, WaterDissipation, Terathan
Bronze: OgreTrashing, GargoylesFoe, ElementalHealth
Golden: ArachnidDoom, DaemonDismissal, BloodDrinking
Agapite: DragonSlaying, Repond
Verite: ElementalBan, ReptilianDeath
Valorite: Exorcism, Silver

So that this doesn't hurt runic hammers that exist, runic hammers will also craft slayer weapons from the same groupings above but with added magical properties (max of force)

Poison Archers

Bows can now be poisoned and will work similarly to current poisoned weapons, with the caveat that poisons applied to a player will be reduced by one level (minimum of lesser)

New Parry Mechanics

A new ability has been added to players with parrying. When a player double clicks their equipped shield a few things will happen:
For 2 seconds after activation spell damage from other players is reduced by up to 25% (scales from 0% at 0 parrying up to 25% at gm parrying). Will display a traditional parrying visual effect when the spell damage reduction fires off.
For up to 10 seconds after activation, spell damage from monsters is reduced by up to 50% (scales from 0% at 0 parrying to 50% at gm parrying). Will display a traditional parrying visual effect when the spell damage reduction fires off.
For up to 20 seconds after activation, poison inflicted by monsters will be ignored on a Parrying Skill % chance (i.e 0% chance at 0 parrying, 50% chance at 50 parrying, 100% chance at GM). There is no visual effect for this poison mitigation however (since the player is already likely in melee combat and the parrying visual effect is probably already firing off for normal hits).
When players activate the ability, they will receive a message indicating they activated it. They won't be able to reactivate the ability for 3 minutes.

New Monster Cloth Drops
Rare cloth drops from mobs have been updated with new hues with a proportionately increased drop rate.

Added a new method for dropping event loot that mirrors rush bosses.
Added a new challenging boss mob, Belial, that will make an appearance soon.
The Golden Balron has been updated to be a more challenging and rewarding encounter.
Poisoned weapons will now display the type of poison applied to them along with the charges remaining.
Poison and fire fields will no longer break meditation and reveal the caster.
Placement issues with the craft-able houses being placed too high to enter have been fixed.
Paladin kills with pets/provokes/summons will now properly award platinum.
Wind battleground will now properly kick non militia characters on start.
Discordance on tamed creature should now cause criminal flag similarly to peacemaking.
Adjusted Discordance skill gain such that it is viable to train


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King of the Hill

King of the hill rewards have been changed to treasury keys.
Treasury key rewards have been increased from normal mitilia wars.
A new vendor has been created that will use treasury keys as a currency and can be updated in game dynamically.
We will share information about the vendor once we get it setup with some good rewards for treasury keys.
Some of the rewards will be dyed for your town color as well.
Key costs on current treasury rewards have been updated to match new values.

Power Hour

Power hour will no longer start on skill use, there is now a command: [powerhour that shows a gump similar to how you can use anatomy on yourself that also has an option to start your power hour.

Fire Dungeon

All bosses have been updated to drop a random slayer piece.
Fire Dungeon cooldown has been reduced and increases based on the number of bosses killed before failing/leaving. The cooldown starts at 2 days and increases by a day for each additional boss killed after baron (5 days total for a full clear)
The fire rope will no longer damage Baron.

Enhanced Spellbooks and Tomes

Enhanced Spellbooks and their carfting material, Spell Tomes, have been added to all monster loot tables.

Spell Tomes are an object that looks like an open book that will drop on monsters as fairly common loot. Players will use these Spell Tomes to create Enhanced Spellbooks. Each Spell Tome will have a name that is similar to the respective Enhanced Spellbook they can be used to create: for instance, "A Wizard Tome", "A Fire Tome", or "An Orc Slayer Tome". Enhanced Spellbooks and Tomes are not blessed.

In order to craft an Enhanced Spellbook, a player must have GM Inscription, any one of these tomes, and a regular spellbook that contains no spells in it. By double clicking the tome, they will be prompted for the basic, empty spellbook to convert into an Enhanced Spellbook. Upon successful targeting, the spellbook and tome are deleted, and the Enhanced Spellbook appears in the pack. The Enhanced Spellbook looks like a normal spellbook, except a blue hue and will say "An Orc Slaying Spellbook", "A Wizard Spellbook", or "A Fire Spellbook" when clicked. Additionally the crafter's name will appear on the book (like standard GM crafting).

Book Types

Slayer Spellbook
+100% spell damage towards monsters in the slayer group
Fire Spellbook
+50% spell damage towards monsters with
Magic Arrow
Fire Field
Meteor Swarm
Energy Spellbook
+50% spell damage towards monsters with
Energy Bolt
Chain Lightning
Summoner Spellbook
+25% Summoned Creature duration and 25% chance that when a creature would normally successfully dispel your summon creatures, the dispel attempt instead fails
Wizard Spellbook
Reactive Armor
+50% Effectiveness against monsters

Strength / Agility / Cunning
Arch Protection
Duration increased by x5, however dropped immediately to normal 2 minutes if ever in combat with a player

Magic Reflect
When hit by a monster's spell, now has a 100 - (spell level * 10% chance) (i.e. 40% with ebolt, 70% with fireball) to reflect the spell, but not break the Magic Reflect.
Warlock's Spellbook
Mass Curse
Duration increased by x5 against monsters and x3 effect strength against monsters (i.e. -30 str/dex/mana). This makes these effectively a very nice first spell to cast on a monster (but lose their usefulness once they take damage / spend mana)

Paralyze Field
Duration increased by x2 against monsters

Mana Drain
Mana Vampire
Effect increased by x2 against monsters.

Both the Mana Drain and Mana Vampire spells basic functionality has been adjusted to drain 20 mana and 80 mana respectively from monsters, provided they do not resist (monsters now resist these spells like normal spells). Players do not receive any mana from either spell on successful casts however, and both spells still have nearly a 100% resist chance when cast against players.

Spell Tomes will drop from all monsters that have some difficulty.

Paragons have a 100% chance to drop a slayer tome if they have an opposing slayer group.


Molten Core Raider
6d 22h 7m
Launching next weekend, 17/01. Won't be able to play from launch but I'll be in a few days after.


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61d 41m
This shart will be flushed in less than 6 months just like the first one, because it's under the same clueless management.


Will be playing this on launch, I will never miss the opportunity to play on a good, fresh server. Thankfully they have had experience with the first launch of the server.

I didn't play the open beta so I will be going in semi-fresh and new to the server, although ive skimmed the features posted, it's still going to feel very new and that in itself will be enjoyable.

I always said, even if the server fails and shuts down in 6 months or less, the first few weeks are still so worth playing, I love racing in games, trying to be first at X whatever, that's why I enjoy path of exile so much, its one of the core features of "fresh starts" in varying degrees.

I will be streaming the launch athttp://www.twitch.tv/rhumaif you want to come hang out, maybe meet up or just want to watch the train wreck as it happens if you can't or wont play

Either way, UO is the sandbox we never waited for but always wanted and I look forward to meeting any and all that wants to play here with me!


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6d 22h 7m
I'm in. Happy to hook up if you guys want. Maybe work together on a treasure map rune library ?

For folks considering it, it's worth a go. They've implemented a lot more (eg colored ore making magic weapons/armor, BoDs, changed the king and military system, all dungeons have been repopulated with different and new mobs with each dungeon having a theme, lots of new and custom mobs for taming :Animal Taming - UO AnCorp, all weapon attacks redone and rebalanced, buffed melee skills and magic so for PvM they are viable alternatives to taming).


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Lot of good additions since UOAC1, I like it. I was playing UOF but with UOAC I have no desire for UOF, always liked the hardness of UOAC vs UOF. Animal taming scares me though. Server seems to becoming more stable, was lagging bad every night at prime time but now its once or twice instead of hours. GM's are very accommodating, and right now you can find people selling dono items mad cheap (good investment).

Picked up blessed sandals for 5k, when sandals are like 950 dono coins (9.50USD) and 5k takes me 20 minutes to farm, haha. UOAC must be raking it in. I like the hardness of the dungeons, and the different mechanics of some familiar skills (peacemaking, armslore, provoking etc). Also cool that mages get dmg bonus with spirit speak or scribe.


Lord Nagafen Raider
10d 3h 16m
I spent a very large amount of time macroing/farming on the first UOAC......Had all characters finalized. Wiped and reset? Yea kiss my ass, cya.

Really feel bad for people who hand leveled taming....Many of them.


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well now you dont have to hand level taming the way the system is designed, lol. but yeah i hand leveled it the first time.


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7d 10h 16m
The shard feels a lot more complete this time around, bout ~750 clientsonlineright now.