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Molten Core Raider
8d 10h 21m
Source: #1 sword master on server (between jobs like a boss I tell you) running around for minutes straight juking and using heal pots 1v1 against them.

Was Swordmaster the one with the lion pet that could yank people to you from like 500 meters out pre-nerf? That shit was hilarious, especially in zerg vs zerg face offs.


19d 14h 12m
You thinkin of white lion

Lol it was basically the shield master

2 hand spec was worthless

Custom buffed on the suggested emulator (along with other 2h tank specs) which is free and pretty fun


Molten Core Raider
16d 19h 40m
That lava battleground got real old for anyone without a ability to knock people off the bridges into the lava. I played a Magus and eventually decided to give them all a taste as I jumped off into the lava myself and used that AE that sucked everything to you to drag them all with me. Chaos Vortex I think.