Washer and Dryer


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Looking to buy these. So far looking at (basic) electric SpeedQueens and (basic) electric Amanas. I say basic because we really don't want all the electronic bells and whistles that just end up being nothing but a drain on the wallet to repair. Wife's research says SQs are the way to go for quality and longevity, plus they come with a 3 year warranty. Amana is cheaper, but supposedly the basic quality workhorse of Maytag. Going to buy in 2-3 weeks (once the garage is clean and we got somewhere to put them haha). Any thoughts, or better recs?
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A friend of mine does appliance repair, as he tells it almost all big household appliances are now made by the same couple companies and branded differently for different markets / pricing tiers. And quality has taken a huge nose dive, even high end brands don't last for shit anymore. Days of a washer / drying lasting 10 years are long gone. That said I love my Bosch washer / dryer. Low electric and water consumption but you have to use HE soap and the cycles are fucking long (1 hr +).


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After having owned both a front-loading washer(current, new washer) and top-loading washer, fuck the front loader. As a tall-ish person(little over 6-feet tall), I basically have to get on my hands and knees to reach into the back of the washer for that one last sock or whatever is left in there. The top loader was SO much easier to use. As soon as this one dies I'm going back to top-loader and never going back, I don't care if front loaders are more water efficient or not. Pain in the ass.
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I have GE Profiles front loader and dryer.

Washer doesn't clean for shit and HE soap is awful. I'm going to go back to a non-HE top loading washer IF I can ever find one.
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I have a Samsung set and my wife hasn't complained about them so they must work alright.


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I have a new Kenmore that works well (top load, maybe $600) and a used dryer off of craigslist ($120) and both work well. I just can't justify the need for a new dryer when they are so easy/cheap to repair. Have an uncle that used to do appliance repairs and resells, and he's never bought a new appliance ever. I guess I just don't use either of them enough to know the difference, heh (and I'm sure there is one).


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I couldn't find regular laundry detergent one day and I was in a rush, so I got some of the HE shit.

Big fucking mistake. It says it cleans perfectly fine in old washers on the label but as far as I can tell it doesn't work at all.

Still too lazy and broke to go back to the store and buy the regular stuff, so for the last month all my clothes smell a bit dirty.

Live and learn.


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HE suds less, so could be why if you are using less than you should.

We bought a Kenmore front-loader and I love the thing. It does take awhile to clean clothes, but I swear my clothes have never been cleaner. It uses a lot less water and electricity too. To each his own.
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If you don't have any specific needs (space / size) then I'd go with a cheap Whirl Pool or Kenmoore (sears version) model and call it a day. Just get an auto dry feature on the dryer. If you have money to burn and want to over pay by 3 -4x to have a cool looking unit that basically does the same thing then by all means go for it but they really don't do anything any better.
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My 3 year old GE Profile front loading washer shat itself and couldn't be repaired. 2 years out of warranty. Washer was under some big recall...end result is GE is sending me a new top loader and matching dryer.

They'd probably save a shitload of money by building good products in the first place.


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I bought brand new washer/dryer combo when I got my house 5-6 years ago. Bought the cheapest combo they had at Frys and it cost me $500 total. My dryer no longer stops drying automatically and to stop it we leave the door open. It drys just fine though and I am a cheapskate who sees no problem with leaving the door open when we aren't drying clothes.

Our washer had a problem a year ago where the pump got clogged with a sock. Took all day to figure out that was the issue (It's actually a fairly common issue) and lots of water on the floor after disconnecting the pump tubes but other then that it still works fine.

They are cheap but they have lasted far longer then I expected. In fact they have lasted longer then (2!) brand new expensive dishwashers. If I can get 3-6 years of usage out of an appliance that only cost me $200-$250 it would be worth it to just buy new ones at the price then bother with expensive units or getting them fixed.


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My 3 year old GE Profile front loading washer shat itself and couldn't be repaired. 2 years out of warranty. Washer was under some big recall...end result is GE is sending me a new top loader and matching dryer.

They'd probably save a shitload of money by building good products in the first place.
You know the scene in Fight Club where the narrator is explaining his job to the woman on the plane? There's probably some poor schmuck doing the same for washers and dryers.


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I still prefer the old school top loaders for washers, any basic dryer works fine. Cheap and easy to fix.
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New washer came in last week and I've been rewashing everything I own because the frontloader sucked so much at washing. Clothes no longer feel like cardboard or smell like they've been washed in the sock water of some major basketball franchise.

The new unit is a HE product and it works well enough, and my clothes are coming out of it are vastly cleaner than they ever did with that HE front loader garbage. GE also refunded me the $400 I spent on under unit drawers.

The end result is this: NEVER buy a front-loading washer. They all suck. Want to smell like your clothes have been washed in old sock water? Want your clothes to never be clean? Buy a front loader.

The big surprise is GE stepping up to the plate and replacing both washer and dryer that were out of warranty, and refunding the cash I spent on under-unit drawers.

My next house will have the very most basic non-HE top loader and dryer.


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Top load washer dryer GE I got from some shady bastard on craigslist. Industrial loads / electric. He probably stole them but since he only wanted $200 and didnt murder me I say it was a good deal.

They work amazing.


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So what's the deal with these high efficiency top loaders? Anything good about those?

In the market for a new set soon and while I love the fancy front loaders with all the fancy settings, but I don't like the price.
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I've got a Samsung he front loader and it works great. My clothes come out just the same as they did in my top loaders.

Fuck me I've already responded to this thread