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The biggest problem with my job right now is I am losing a lot of my marketable skills. I work maybe 20 hours a week and haven't been able to keep myself motivated to learn new tech or stay current over the three years I've been contracting here.


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Kuriin Kuriin making me feel like the laziest fucking RN in the world right now. Holy shit.

I work outpatient surgery as an operating room nurse in Southern California. Monday-Friday, 40 hours a week, no weekends or call. I’m making about 87k a year with 2-3% bumps in pay each year so far. I could make 100-110k a year if I were to work in a hospital and take call but I value my life outside of work too much to do something like that. Benefits are the standard 401k, health, vision, dental, etc. Best job I’ve ever had in my life.


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It's all about what's good for you. I have a good buddy that I grew up with who's all into startups and java script mobile app bullshit and he can't fathom why I'm happy making 100k a year in NC when I could go make 300k a year with him in FL. What he doesn't take into consideration is that I hate everything about the area of FL he's in, I hate the whole hipster, open office, startup culture and just plain refuses to see that nothing about what he does would be fulfilling to me.

The funny thing about the government stereotype is that it's not exactly wrong, but there are still some programs doing pretty amazing sht. People think all of the innovation died out with the cold war, a lot of it did, but not all of it. It's just really hard to find out where from the outside and a lot of people (understandably) don't stick it out because they're first gig is the stereotypical bureaucratic mess.


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Kuriin Kuriin making me feel like the laziest fucking RN in the world right now. Holy shit.

Dawg, please don't think that, haha. It's the nurses who go from nursing school straight into a primary clinic. That is lazy. I was originally going to work in two ERs at the same time but that's a little too much for me, so that's why I decided to work per diem in primary clinic/urgent care while working in the ER. Easy job to a hard job, lol.