Whats rustling your jimmies?

Big Phoenix

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96d 7h 52m
1) Idiots with loud mufflers or just obnoxious vehicles. You arent cool or gonna be staring in fast and gay #7213 with your shitty 15 year old civic and retarded sounding muffler. Yes we know you have a tiny dick mr. lift ford f150 double cab with the license plate "KGRANCH". Lol'd pretty hard at a commercial for a hummer the other day I heard on the radio, I kid you not the voice over guy literally said "nothing commands respect on the road like a hummer", more like nothing like a hummer lets everyone know youre a doucebag with terrible taste and small penis. Also anyone who drives a Chrysler 300.

2) Idiots who re-upload popular youtube videos. Some tard re-uploaded part of plinkett's starwars review and it has over 500,000 views, views and notoriety that should of gone to redlettermedia.

3) Idiots who completely over exagerate their stories or just bullshit stuff that can easily be looked up or proven wrong. After getting back from Iraq I kept hearing the guys I work with talk about how it was 140 or even 150 degrees wherever they where at. I called them on their idiocy and they would simply respond by saying "DUDE THATS WHAT THE THERMOMETER SAID"

What can rustle your jimmies?


Molten Core Raider
2d 14h 21m

you make some good points tho.

I hate people in there lame ass cars with no body work, with huge fucking exhaust pips but no work to the engine and rip off rims, those shits aren't spread wheels you cheap son of a bitch there spinning hubcaps.
I dont need to hear your stock 4 cylinder.
civil service workers who tell you a buncha reasons they can't perform the job they are getting paid for.
anyone who has children or pets and cant maintain and control them.
fuckers who talk on their phones while its their turn at the register and hold up the line cause they cant multi-task and GTFO
people who believe Rush Limbaugh and FoX News are journalism.


What a time to be alive
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30d 3h 24m
Idiots who always have to one-up you on every story you tell. If you tell this person about the huge dump you took, they will no doubt have a story about the even bigger dump that _they_ took. And jesus came down from heaven and high fived him after.

Executive directors who unnecessarily insert themselves into a project; thinking they know how it can be done better and faster (faster yes, better NOOOOOOO). Everything that comes out of this person;s mouth cannot be taken seriously.


My latest thing is finding a cool quote, only to find out it wasn't actually said by the person that was quoted.


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
54d 2h 11m
My latest thing is finding a cool quote, only to find out it wasn't actually said by the person that was quoted.
This one drives me nuts too!

My big one recently is friends who drive drunk. I offer the couch, nope. I offer to give a ride, nope. Also, my internet connection going down. That one makes me flip out!


What really ruffles my feathers are people that stand (and block) an empty escalator while I'm walking somewhere in a hurry.

What really grinds my gears are people that sit right next to me on an empty train or bus.

What really gets my goat is not doing much at work all day and then being given something urgent at 6pm.

What really crumples my ballsack is any shot in porn that is exclusively of the guy's face.

Guess I didn't answer the question... hmm...


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30d 21h 36m
I could probably write a novel on this, but just off the top of my head in no particular order:

1. People who talk about their problems ALL the damn time. Most people will know what I'm talking about because you already have one of these assholes among you at work. You know, the person who will blah blah to you and then 2 minutes later you hear them telling the same story to someone else. Fast forward through half the day and there they are again, same damn story to yet another person. And you can literally see the "don't give a fuck" on these peoples face yet the person talking is oblivious to it. Hey asshole nobody gives a shit. We all have our own problems and don't need to listen to your shit also. This also applies to people who just like to bump their gums and don't stfu about anything. Ever.

2. Overly racist people. Especially when said person is racist toward a certain race they have had little to no interaction with their entire lives. I'm a white male who grew up mainly as minority, first half mexican and second half black. By all accounts I should be one of those most racist assholes alive. Even I realize race has little to do with anything and more about shitty people or not shitty people. This also applies to people who are overly attached to their own race (here's lookin at you Mr. Roots. DEEP. FUCKING. ROOTS.)

3. Gay bashers. Jesus Christ people it's 2013, get with the damn program. We're all hating on trannies now, try to keep up.

4. Motorcycles (insert episode of South Park about motorcycles here).

edit: Another one! TV these days. Fuck me what has happened here? If I see one more storage hunter, pawn shop, ghost whatever, cheesy vampire bullshit, horrible sitcoms, so you think you can dance / sing / masturbate, I will probably flip out. When I want to stick bottles of broken glass in my eyes because it will feel better than watching 90% of stuff on TV something is wrong.


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
Apparently everything based on my posting history. My jimmies are more rustle than jimmy at this point. Luckily this exists and it always unrustles me nicely.



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30d 21h 36m
lol @ that video. I can slowly feel my jimmies becoming unrustled watching it.. almost like when I watch porn.. just in a different way.


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First would be the shitheads who pull up to a stop sign or intersection that I am approaching and bust their fuckin' ass to pull out in front of me then proceed to to drive 5 mph below the speed limit. Add in not a fuckin' soul behind me for a quarter mile for bonus rustlage.

Next would be the douchebag in an SUV who not only parks right next to you in spite of the fact that there are at least 4 empty spots to either side of you they could have used, but also parks so close you need a fuckin' can opener to get in your ride.


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5d 5h 39m
Grown adults who can't spell for shit.

International (transfer) students who couldn't pass english (a requirement) but still manage to get into limited seat programs.

God damnit.