Which song title describes your masturbation habits

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I’d like to go on record that I was drinking last night while posting in this and other threads.

Having reviewed my posts from this time frame I’d like to also go on record that I stand by everything I wrote.


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Greetings Friends,

We live in chaotic, trying times. Times filled with pain and suffering that no other humans in the history of mankind have experienced. Pain and suffering like your favorite fantasy character being replaced by a human that's a different color than what you're used to, or like your elected representative saying he doesn't have an issue with women having dicks.

Unlike other threads on this forum that are filled with frens to commiserate with and indulge your rage, this thread is where you talk your frens down off the ledge with a relaxed & soothing voice. This is where you come to tag a friend, a friend like @BoozeCube or @LachiusTZ , and say "Hey man, I know the world is full of silly people. But just remember that you have the greatest president in the world, a Quiznos within an hour drive, and a magnificent, if modest, stalactite of cockmeat between your legs. Turn that frown upside down!"

Support your local poopsock, frens, and drag them back from the brink.
Wait quiznos still exists?
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