World of Warcraft: Classic


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178d 13h 55m
They're doing rolling restarts on all classic realms starting basically now going for an hour. If you've had trouble getting in next little bit will be a good shot to get in and stay in

They should be doing this every day to kick the peeps that are there AFK 24/7 so timmy can play his 2 hours every night.


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65d 3h 35m
They're not online yet, but the servers are viewable, so nows the time boys.


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75d 21h 4m
The only reason to play Classic is 100% nostalgia, in my opinion. The game is solid, and I believe its better as a game than BfA, but all the changes WoW has had over the years were for a reason. People noticed what sucked, and asked for changes. Blizz just went too far in some cases. =)

The one little issue that had made me start thinking "wtf am I doing playing this?" has been the spawn timers / rng quest drops. I've played both Horde (troll shaman) and Alliance (nelf hunter) to lvl12 on Ashkandi (fuck queues). The spawn timers seem to range from 10sec to 10min (with Menelas in Teldrassil being like an hour). Its stupid. Then you have the rng aspect of getting the quest item you needed off the mob. Even more stupid. If I need a tiger skin off a tiger I just killed... why don't I get it? Didn't care for that at release, and still do not care for it now.

I never played a Hunter until Legion, so playing a Hunter in Classic is something of a shock, lol. Have to buy ammo.. wut? Quiver taking up valuable bag space.. wut? I did the taming quests, and I'm guessing each of those pets are only temporary until you get the taming skill by default, since they each disappeared after a time. Funny stuff, not sure I want to deal with that, so back to then shitty horde side for Shaman fun. Money from questing / killing in Teldrassil seems way, way, way better than Horde starter area.

Edit: Speaking of afk. How long can you afk? I left my character online while I was at work, but it was disconnected when I got home. Was there a server restart yesterday between 8am-5pm? Or is there an autokick if you have no way of making the character do something every few minutes?


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17d 20h 3m
How long can you afk? I left my character online while I was at work, but it was disconnected when I got home.

You get 15 minutes in game before you're logged out to the character select, then another 30 minutes on character select before it disconnects you.


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20d 22h 51m
That's what you get for rolling alliance. higher % of morons
I decided to roll on another server to fuck around due to a 6+hour queue on whitemane. Rolled up a human paly, and gods were there some dumb fucks in chat. And even with all the priests around me, I didn't get a single stamina buff until I was in Hogger's area. As well as less people grouping up to do kill quests.

On our server horde side, I nearly had it my whole time leveling.


116d 4h 24m
I guess im forgetting who the majority of wow audience really is.
And don’t you forget it



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43d 22h 54m
Sulfuras pop is fine so far. 45m queues at peak then none the rest of time. I'll take that over streamer + autist guild servers every time.
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19h 44m
I think before Cata, the Azshara zone had like 1 quest in it? So the revamp was a necessity to some areas.

I think people just missed the non-titangorge gear and talent system. I wouldn't be shocked if we see Blizzard revert a little bit in the next expac to earlier systems from past expansions.

Nah, there was a bunch of quests in Azshara, but not as many as most zones. Bigger problem was they were spread out and that zone is AIDS for travelling around within.
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11d 22h 13m
My brother is going to install WoW Classic on his second computer, and log us both in a couple hours before I get off work (hopefully before the East coast gets home). That being said, we are going to play on Benediction (PvP) server. If Whitemane calms down in the future, we might transfer there.