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    You have been missed. I hope things have improved for you.

    You have been missed. I hope things have improved for you.
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    It's Netsmas Time Again! Post For Free +Nets

    Merry Christmas folks.
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    The Video Thread

    The comments on this video fucking slayed me.
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    Science!! Fucking magnets, how do they work?

    Fuck me. I read that title as AI can't be an american inventor.
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    Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)

    Moss not winning the championship reminds me of Marino never winning the Lombardi.
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    Interesting, Non Political News

    My parents bought puffed rice, those giant fucking bags of it. A treat cereal was puffed wheat. I used to put 5 teaspoons of sugar on that shit.
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    The Prepper Thread

    my wife and i grow our own food. we harvest our own seeds and prep them for the following year. i hunt and my wife who is an herbalist is an amazing forager. pick up a couple of books on the edibles in your state or province, its amazing whats available to eat year round. we will be heating...
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    Happy New Years, you dirty hoors!

    Happy New Year. This is going to be one interesting year. Can't wait.
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    Poll What Size of Community Do You Live In?

    I live in a town of close to 200k. The wife and i bought a farm tbis year in an earea where noone can see or hear a neighbour. the farmers are super friendly and helpful but also mind their own business. I am going to love living there.I hate cities. Spent my wbole adult life grying to get...
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    Interesting, Non Political News

    Looks like he was a craftsman. It worked just fine.
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    Scenes from movies that make you cry?

    Along with any movie that features a dog being hurt or killed I cried for hours after watching the end scene in the day of the dolphin. It used to take a lot to make me cry as a young man, but now I can't make it through a soldier returns video without welling up. Haha, my throat hurts from...
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    Must See Concerts Before You (or they) Die

    Just got home from the Maiden show in Toronto. Took my son to his first concert and they knocked his socks off. After all these years they are still really high energy, would recommend.
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    Poll VOTE: The Top 10 All-Time Greatest FoH Drama/Incidents

    I know it doesn't qualify for this thread but seeing everyone's reactions over time when they found out Gravy was a white dude always made me laugh. So much good shit over the years.
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    Interesting, Non Political News

    the smart play is to air drop them behind enemy lines and let the enemy kill themselves in droves during test flights