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  1. Grundge

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Anyone playing this on a PS4? Got myself a PS4 pro for the holidays and been trying various games on it. The exclusive games are fun so far. Saw this on the store for free and decided to give it a try. Game is fun but using the controller is a total headache. It's nice to play on my TV...
  2. Grundge

    World of Warcraft: BFA

    There is also Greatfather winters hearthstone which is a toy. It shares the same cool down as your regular one. Only advantage is that you can use it from your hot bar and delete your normal hearthstone from your bags freeing up one slot. Though not like space is a big problem anymore.
  3. Grundge

    World of Warcraft: Classic

    PvP players are such pussies. Nobody will ever engage you if it's a fair fight. I remember I started up on Tich to check out what a PvP realm was like. I remember starting out some horde was 10 or 15 levels above me and was ganking me non stop. I dealt with it, that's why I was there...
  4. Grundge

    World of Warcraft: BFA

    I'm not logging in that much myself anymore. Do the daily emmisary quests on my main just because I still have tortollans and champions of azeroth to reach exalted with. Been playing console games recently. Last time I played console was on the old Turbo grafx machine. Things have come a...
  5. Grundge

    Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO

    For that much money you could get yourself one of those motorized flashlights. Definitely would be more fun I imagine. Either way I'm holding out for the GOTY edition.
  6. Grundge

    Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO

    I just hope they don't rush in putting this game out so they can make sure it runs well. That being said, I also hope it will be senior citizen friendly, like super sized fonts and a reminder of what you are doing every 30 secs. Most things considered I'm in pretty good shape now but who...
  7. Grundge

    Assassin's Creed Origins set in Egypt

    Started to give this game a go. Having fun so far but the whole leveling thing is really annoying. Looks like they threw this shit in to artificially slow you down. At level 7 I finished the main quest and side quests in Siwa but have to get to level 10 for the next main quest. Been just...
  8. Grundge

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Lol yea I find myself doing just that as well. Seems more fun watching others play. Not sure why, usually never bother watching others, maybe it is the real-timey aspect to it that would probably make it a bit dull to play.
  9. Grundge

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    The game looks interesting. The scenery looks really nice and I'm ok with the whole open ended gameplay. The major thing holding me back is that I do not like how the save games work. You have 3 limited save potions which if you keep buying and use a lot of it has negative impact on your...
  10. Grundge

    World of Warcraft: BFA

    Lol yea, been on forums long time just never got to posting. Only reason I know of these forums was I played on Veeshan server back in the day and I remember FoH guild. Was a cool server until the asians took over. Anyway personally I liked WoD crafting. It didn't take too much effort and...
  11. Grundge

    Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO

    Hey those people are already rocking while the rest of us are still just sitting around waiting to rock. $1000 to be rocking and to be one of the fallen. How is that even a question in anyone's mind not to go for it?