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    Epic Games Storefront - A Good Incentive for Piracy

    From a PDF that was inadvertently put up on the lawsuit fileserver (googly eyes probably just from the tweet I stole this from), which has since been pulled down, here are Epic's efforts to get first party titles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo on their store:
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    re: female Loki. Guess I'll spoiler this for now.
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    Conan Exiles

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    The Astronomy Thread

    Yup, pretty awesome.
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    Epic Games Storefront - A Good Incentive for Piracy

    Before they added BR was the last time I played it for more than 10-20 minutes.
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    Justice League (2017)

    I haven't watched this, but may have gotten part of the answer today.
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    GTA V RP

    With crime being so hard for some on Nopixel 3.0, Ron took advantage of a police press conference to ask about this pressing issue.
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    Bet my wife will finally give this show a go now...
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    Epic Games Storefront - A Good Incentive for Piracy

    Lawsuit is yielding some interesting information. Edit: actually, not sure if these are part of the suit or what. Not sure why they'd have been released otherwise.
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    Marvel Universe stuff

    Casting for FF should be picking up steam pretty soon...
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    General Gaming News and Discussion

    MS increasing the publisher's share on MS Store for PC games from 70% to 88%.
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    The Astronomy Thread

    Sounds like that's basically what Elon has just now said. With Bezos stepping away from Amazon, that could be precisely what happens, though he's intending to get more involved running a number of his other initiatives as well.
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    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    I love the idea of it, and nostalgia usually gets the best of me so I roll a bard and... never leave Greater Faydark before quitting again. Just wish they were doing more with the IP than expansion n+1 and ruleset servers.
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    The Astronomy Thread