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    World of Warcraft: BFA

    I'm so weak.
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    The Astronomy Thread

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    This is how I feel reading Operation Sports as people bitch about the state of Franchise mode in Madden, decrying ultimate team and other modes getting more attention (and justifiably so for the income they generate)... they haven't realized they aren't the target audience anymore and they type...
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    The Big Bad Console Thread - Sway your Station with an Xboner ! I was actually hoping for a MS / Epic partnership, an extension of Play Anywhere / Game Pass on the Epic Store, breaking out of requiring the use of the Microsoft Store and another way for Epic to lure people over from...
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    Playstation 5
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    Yeah, Ninja to Youtube.
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    NFL 2020 Season: Gravy Edition!

    Revenue will suck this year, but new TV and gambling money coming soon.
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    NFL 2020 Season: Gravy Edition!

    Compensation update: Patrick Mahomes’ 10-year extension is worth $450 million, sources tell ESPN. The injury guarantee is $140 million, per source. The contract does not contain language that ties its value to a percentage of the salary cap. Richest deal in sports’ history.
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    (2020) Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    30 minutes of gameplay. Edit: taken down, see mirrors in the post(s) below.
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    Routers & Other Networking Stuff

    Haven't done anything since, have had a lot going on and it's pretty low on priorities. Those are screenshots from the Unifi controller.
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    The Astronomy Thread

    There's a comet currently visible in the northern hemisphere at dawn, here it is from the ISS.
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    Steam Deals and Digital Sales

    Snagged Raft, Remnant (impatient, been waiting for Game Pass / bigger deal) and the last Grim Dawn expansion.
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    Steam Deals and Digital Sales

    Steam Summer Sale has started.