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  1. meStevo

    The Astronomy Thread

    Thought this was kind of a cool thought exercise, the original tweet was asking what would happen if you fell from the space station into the atmosphere, would you burn up or would something else kill you first.
  2. meStevo


    Related to Star Wars, rather than Minecraft, a channel I follow recently made Order 66 R-rated, and is pretty great.
  3. meStevo


    I think so. His experience on Europa was surprising in that he was worshiped unconditionally rather than loved, so he went to try and find love / happiness - leading to the paradox of loving her.
  4. meStevo


    Yeah, it's another chicken/egg thing.
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    Well. That was pretty great.
  6. meStevo

    Steam Deals and Digital Sales

    Your billing date didn't change, so you can 'pay early' to unlock them all now. Otherwise your unlocks will be available when you normally unlocked Humble Monthly stuff.
  7. meStevo

    Darksiders Genesis

    It's relatively pretty and runs well, but doesn't play very nice with ultrawide and not sure if I'm a fan of the music yet (feels like it's a mix of World of Warcraft cinematic music and Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes)
  8. meStevo

    Free Guy (2020)

    Ready Player One + Lego Movie = Ryan Reynolds, the movie?
  9. meStevo


    Interested, friends just not $35 each interested yet. No matchmaking is a bit of a bummer.
  10. meStevo

    The Mandalorian

    So many fan service call backs.
  11. meStevo

    Steam Deals and Digital Sales

    First month of Humble Choice games are up.
  12. meStevo

    Game Pass for Xbox and PC

    May have been incorrect or at best jumped the gun.
  13. meStevo

    Kinda interesting, some Mixer-branded streaming on the Steam page for Halo Reach. Not actually a Mixer stream though. Also there are almost 15k sessions w/ the Steam stream up, while less than 6k are watching on Mixer, lol.
  14. meStevo

    Marvel Universe stuff

  15. meStevo

    The Big Bad Console Thread - Sway your Station with an Xboner !

    It's not like a console, designed for everyone. Additionally it's also powering remote play from your console in the case of xCloud. It's not a service designed for the lowest common denominator, in the case of MS and Sony (both with very different approaches) I think they'll continue to...